Upcoming events

A Walk on the Wild Side

The Arboretum ponds teem with life. Get acquainted with wild residents and visitors with docent Bob Mayer on July 23 at 1:00pm. more »

Drought-Tolerant Plants

Jen Kettell will discuss the effects of drought on woody plants and adaptations for dealing with drought on July 27 at 6:30pm. more »

From Seed to Tree

Get a behind-the-scenes look of the greenhouse growing process the first Tuesday of the month at 1:00pm through October. more »

The Art of Woody Plants

Artist's demonstration of the process in conceiving and executing botanical art using plant material from the collections on August 13 at 2:00pm. more »

Family Walks

Discover the Arboretum on guided walks for families, highlighting cool plants and natural phenomena on August 21, Sept. 17, and Oct. 1. more »

What's New

Hydrangea bretschneideri 495-2002-C
A Parade of Hydrangeas
July 2, 2016 Plant Profiles
Midsummer brings loads of hydrangea blooms to the Arboretum's Living Collections.
Chestnuts in flower
July 16, 2016 Ned Friedman, Director of the Arnold Arboretum
Although far from majestic, one of the Arnold Arboretum's American chestnut trees put on a pretty good flower show last week.
Firefly Watch seeks volunteers to help monitor firefly populations at the Arboretum and gather important data to help scientists study their growing scarcity in the urban landscape.
Elizabeth Wolkovich
Complexities in soil food webs
July 2016 Research News
In new work published in Soil Biology and Biochemistry, Elizabeth Wolkovich, Arboretum scientist and assistant professor in Organismic and Evolutionary Biology, reviews the complexities in soil food webs, including nutrient recycling, omnivory, and the channels through which energy and resources flow. abstract »