Lovely Lindens

Learn about the lindens (Tilia spp.) in a Collections Up Close event on June 21.

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What's New

Next Tree Mob™: Mixing It Up in the Rosaceae
3:00 pm, June 4, 2015 Tree Mob
Researcher Jonathan Mahoney speaks about intergeneric plants in the Bradley Rosaceous Collection at our next Tree Mob.
Opening Reception with the Artists
1:00-3:00pm, June 6, 2015 Arnold Arboretum
The photography of Philip L. McAlary pairs with and poetry of Holly Guran in the exhibition Arboretum Inspiration: Image and Word.
The glorious gardens of Massachusetts
May 20, 2015 The Telegraph
Tree enthusiasts come for the dawn redwood, a deciduous conifer that was filed under “extinct” until discovered in China in 1946.
Dawson medals come to the Arboretum Archives
May 18, 2015 Library Leaves
Descendants of Jackson Thornton Dawson, the first Plant Propagator of the Arboretum, visited to present two horticultural medals awarded to Jackson to the Arboretum Archives.
Arnold Arboretum lilacs
May 8, 2015 WBUR
Some of the lilacs may even predate the opening of the Arnold Arboretum, but the oldest lilac on record is the tree lilac, Syringa reticulata, which has been blooming on the grounds for 139 years.