Frederick Law Olmsted
Olmsted 150

Celebrate the anniversary of Olmsted’s 1865 Yosemite Report and its vision for America's national parks on August 9.

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What's New

Since its discovery in the U.S. in 1996, the Asian Longhorned Beetle (ALB) has caused the loss of over 130,000 trees. August is a time of peak emergence for the beetle and has therefore been declared ‘Tree Check Month' by the USDA.
Chainsaw Use and Safety
9:00am, September 12, 2015 Arnold Arboretum
Learn the ins and outs of maintaining your chainsaw and how to operate it safely with Head Arborist John DelRosso.
The Journey of the Giant Sequoia
July 30, 2015 Library Leaves
After navigating the city streets, the tree eventually arrived at its planting location in the conifers, a perennially moist spot adjacent a nearby spring. Some 43 years later, this tree has established in the landscape, yet not without trial and tribulation.
Introduction to Bonsai
10:00am, August 22, 2015 Adult Education
Glen Lord speaks about the history of dwarf potted plants and how to create and care for them. Participants will take home a tropical plant to maintain as a bonsai.
Phloem and plant ecology
July 2015 Research News
As lead author in a review article in Plant, Cell, and Environment, Jessica Savage, Arnold Arboretum Putnam Fellow, highlights current research on phloem and the importance of its physiology in plant ecology. abstract »