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December 8, MIT's Frank Wilczek shows how our ideas of beauty and art are intertwined with our understanding of the cosmos. more »

Winter Trees

Arborist Kyle Stephens shows how to identify deciduous trees during their dormant season. more »

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The Botanical Print Collection of The Massachusetts Horticultural Society Library, comprising of over 1,000 botanical illustrations, has been digitized and can now be viewed online at Digital Commonwealth.
Arboretum donation boxes burglarized
November 25, 2015 Arnold Arboretum
Three donation boxes located in the Arnold Arboretum landscape were broken into and burglarized overnight on November 23.
Historically a proponent of conservation, the Arboretum received a Harvard Sustainability ‘Green Loan’ to install 108 solar panels on the roof of the Hunnewell Building maintenance garage.