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The Lilacs and Jack Alexander
4:30-6:00pm, May 4, 2016 Arnold Arboretum
Join Arnold Arboretum Plant Propagator, and lilac authority, Jack Alexander, for an amazing journey through the history of lilacs and the lilac collection at the Arboretum.
Maples, Roses, and More (Oh My!)
1:00-2:30pm, April 30, 2016 Arnold Arboretum
Hear about Maples, Roses, and More on this tour of plant families, their origins, and the marvel of springtime.
April 23, 2016 Ned Friedman, Director of the Arnold Arboretum
The word should evoke a sense of the near-literal eruption of leaves and flowers that have been tightly packed into each and every bud for the last seven or eight months at the Arnold Arboretum. Now is the time to be awestruck by just how many leaves and flowers have been patiently waiting for spring.