Pseudolarix amabilis 59-89-K
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Plant expedition report - Republic of Georgia
June 27, 2016 Ned Friedman, Director of the Arnold Arboretum
Steve Schneider, Director of Operations at the Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University, has been scouting and collecting future plant accessions in the Republic of Georgia. The Arnold is teamed up with botanists from the Munich Botanical Garden, the National Botanical Garden of Georgia (in Tbilisi) and the Batumi Botanical Garden.
Tree Mob: Endless Watermelons
6:00pm, June 30, 2016 Arnold Arboretum
Researcher Lori Shapiro discusses the geographic and evolutionary origins of our favorite food plants, the changes that occur in certain plant traits through domestication, and the ecological consequences of recent human-mediated movement of so many plant species.
In a newly published study, Rosanne Healy (2013 Sargent Award recipient) and colleagues detected eight truffle species (genus Tuber), including a brand new species previously unknown to science, in the root communities of some of our trees. To honor the location of its discovery, the truffle has been named Tuber arnoldianum. abstract » Boston Globe »