Nature's Deep Design

December 8, MIT's Frank Wilczek shows how our ideas of beauty and art are intertwined with our understanding of the cosmos. more »

Winter Trees

Arborist Kyle Stephens shows how to identify deciduous trees during their dormant season. more »

What's New

Arboretum donation boxes burglarized
October 25, 2015 Arnold Arboretum
Three donation boxes located in the Arnold Arboretum landscape were broken into and burglarized overnight on November 23.
Historically a proponent of conservation, the Arboretum received a Harvard Sustainability ‘Green Loan’ to install 108 solar panels on the roof of the Hunnewell Building maintenance garage.
Enter the 2016 Lilac Sunday T-shirt design contest
November 12, 2015 Arnold Arboretum
The Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University invites artists of all ages to submit their logo designs for the Lilac Sunday 2016 T-shirt. Lilac themed t-shirts have been a tradition at Lilac Sunday for many years and continue to be a highly anticipated and popular memento of this event.