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Conserving Bumble Bees

Join us on 8/27 at 9:00am for a unique opportunity to learn from the Xerces Society about the status of our native bumble bees. more »

From Seed to Tree

Get a behind-the-scenes look of the greenhouse growing process the first Tuesday of the month at 1:00pm through October. more »

Plant Profile

Harlequin glorybower fruit. Photo by Robert Mayer
Harlequin Glorybower
August 18, 2016 ARBlog
Yes, that's the name of a plant, and a really cool one at that.

What's New

Franklinia - first flower
August 6, 2016 Ned Friedman, Director of the Arnold Arboretum
The showy (understatement) flowers of Franklinia alatamaha are magnificent, with dozens of bright yellow stamens that bees love to dive into, and subtle white petals with crenulate margins.
John Jack in Cuba, April 1927
The Arnold Arboretum’s Cuban Connection
August 2, 2016 Library Leaves
Harvard University began its involvement with topical botany in Cuba in 1899 in the wake of a meeting between Edwin Atkins (1850–1926), owner of the Soledad Plantation in Cuba and Harvard Professors Oakes Ames and George Goodale, which established The Harvard Botanic Station for Tropical Research and Sugar Cane Investigation.
Seeking fresh faces to join our Volunteer Program
Apply by August 26, 2016 Arnold Arboretum
Help visitors discover the fascinating world of plants and experience a deeper connection with the landscape.
These hot and hazy summer days mark a critical transition period, as fertilized flowers transform slowly and steadily into their final seed-bearing structures. Those willing to pause and look closer will find an array of colors and textures - a preview of the autumn's botanical cornucopia.