Collections Up Close

These free events offer great ways to explore plants at the Arnold Arboretum. Take a guided tour of one collection of plants within the same botanical family and chat with knowledgeable staff and volunteers about interesting aspects of the species within the collection. We will highlight different plant collections each spring and fall. Free; no registration needed.

Collections up Close, The Bonsai and Penjing Collection

Bonsai and Penjing Pavilion

Bonsai and Penjing Pavilion
Sunday, May 22nd, 1:00–3:00pm

Get up close and personal with some of the most intriguing historically and culturally rich specimens at the Arboretum. Join Steven Schneider, Director of Operations, for a special tour of the bonsai and penjing collection. Enjoy entry into the display pavilion and learn about the differences between bonsai and penjing. Discover the new Martin Klein Collection, a comprehensive collection of Japanese, Chinese, and North American species. Hear the story of specimens that are associated with past curators. The bonsai volunteers will also be on hand to help answer questions and share their knowledge.