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  • A Celebration of Public Parks and Their History
  • Join Now for the Members’ Plant Giveaway
  • Cultivate Your Own Bonsai at a Hands-On Workshop
  • Celebrate the Intersection of Art, Nature, and Poetry
  • Tree Spotters Program Seeks Additional Volunteers
  • Help Kids Explore the Outdoors as a Guide
  • Plant Spotlight on Koelreuteria paniculata
  • Experience the Arboretum Landscape in a New Light
  • Join Now for the Members’ Plant Giveaway

    With our Members’ Plant Giveaway just around the corner on September 19, now is the perfect time to join the Friends of the Arboretum or renew your lapsed membership. The Giveaway offers members a choice of select woody plants, many propagated from historical Arboretum collections. It’s a great way to participate in the Arboretum’s horticultural mission, while enhancing your garden or yard with some of our staff’s favorite plants. Join or renew today to take part! Current members should look for a mailing later this month with plant information and event highlights.

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    Cultivate Your Own Bonsai at a Hands-On Workshop

    On Saturday, August 22, horticulturist and bonsai specialist Glen Lord reveals the art of dwarfed plants in an Introduction to Bonsai. Explore this ancient Japanese method of growing and caring for trees whose growth is restricted by the size of a shallow pot and the meticulous pruning of branches and roots. For those who enjoy these fascinating trees but aren’t sure how to care for them, this class demonstrates basic pruning, styling, and care that can also be applied to other tropical and temperate trees. Learn how to plant and care for bonsai, and get to know the compelling history of this horticultural art form.

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    Celebrate the Intersection of Art, Nature, and Poetry

    Get inspired! Join us on Sunday, August 2 to hear the Jamaica Pond Poets perform a poetry reading in conjunction with our current photography and poetry exhibition, Arboretum Inspiration, featuring works by Philip McAlary and Holly Guran. Frequent walks in the landscape shaped this collaboration uniting McAlary’s vibrant images with Guran’s thoughtful words. Immerse yourself in the creative possibilities offered by our landscape and enjoy the Jamaica Pond Poets’ reflections on their experiences in the Arboretum and in nature.

    Event details

    Tree Spotters Program Seeks Additional Volunteers

    The third and final orientation workshop in 2015 for our Tree Spotters program will be held Saturday, August 8 at 9:00am in the Hunnewell Building. This unique citizen science project sheds light on the Arboretum’s phenology: the timing of natural events, such as the leafing out and flowering of trees in spring and changing foliage colors in fall. Your observations will assist Arboretum scientists in their studies of the effects of our changing climate on plants. All levels of experience are welcome. Activities of interest will be available to volunteers throughout the fall and winter, and additional training classes return in spring 2016.

    Become a tree spotter

    Help Kids Explore the Outdoors as a Guide

    Field Study Guides

    Give back to your community by introducing local schoolchildren to plants, animals, and the unique landscape of the Arboretum. Apply to be a volunteer guide in our School Programs and train to lead small groups of kids through an active learning program about plants and the natural world. Training sessions begin later this month, focused on introducing new guides to the basics of botany, the curriculum of the Arboretum’s diverse field studies, and the Arboretum landscape as an outdoor classroom.

    Volunteer as a Guide

    Plant Spotlight on Koelreuteria paniculata

    The goldenrain tree is a summer flowering tree, producing large clusters of small, golden-yellow flowers in mid to late summer. Flowers give way to bladder-like fruits resembling paper lanterns. Native to eastern China, the Korean peninsula, and Japan, goldenrain tree was planted historically to mark the tombs of important officials and to protect villages from flooding and harsh sea winds. Though its flowers and fruits appear delicate, the goldenrain tree is known to be tough and well-adapted to urban conditions. Look for Koelreuteria in several locations in the northern half of the Arboretum, particularly on Meadow Road across from the maples.

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    Experience the Arboretum Landscape in a New Light

    Maple trees

    Take a break from city life on an informative and scenic tour of the Arboretum’s expansive naturalistic landscape. Led by a knowledgeable docent, tours are scheduled on Saturdays at 10:30am and Sundays at 1:00pm through the end of October. On August 15, parents can bring their children to join in on the fun for a special Family Walk, designed to develop observational skills in children (ages four through twelve) while highlighting various plants of seasonal interest and natural phenomena.

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    All images from the Arnold Arboretum Archives, except poetry reading image courtesy of the Jamaica Pond Poets and Olmsted event flyer image courtesy of the National Parks Service.

    A Celebration of Public Parks and Their History

    Designed by Frederick Law Olmsted, the Arnold Arboretum is among the best preserved examples of his vision for enlightening Americans to the importance of nature and the environment. Join us on Sunday, August 9 as we celebrate the 150th anniversary of Frederick Law Olmsted’s Yosemite Report, often called the first intellectual argument for America’s public parks. The event will feature the Maliotis Chamber Players and special guest Dayton Duncan, the Emmy-winning producer/writer of the PBS documentary, The National Parks: America’s Best Idea. Join us for a joyful commemoration of this important document that that constructed the philosophical foundation for our national parks movement! This outdoor event will unfold in our conifer collection, in full view of the Arboretum’s tallest specimen of giant sequoia (Sequoiadendron giganteum).

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