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Happy Independence Day!

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  • APGA Honors Curator Michael Dosmann
  • Be a Tree Spotter and Support Climate Research
  • Membership Adds Color to Your Life and Garden
  • Free Fun Friday Comes to the Arboretum July 24
  • Poetry Meets Photography in Arboretum Inspiration
  • Familiarize Yourself with Plant Families in July
  • Spotlight on Silk Tree
  • Call for Artists: Jamaica Plain Open Studios Exhibit
  • Be a Tree Spotter and Support Climate Research

    Enjoy exploring the Arboretum landscape and learning about plants? If so you can contribute to science as a volunteer in our Tree Spotters program. This citizen science project catalogs observations of the Arboretum’s phenology, or the timing of plant life cycle events. Your participation will assist ongoing studies to illuminate the effects of our changing climate on the collections. Attend a training session on July 8 at 5:30pm to learn more. All experience levels are welcome.

    Membership Adds Color to Your Life and Garden

    We are grateful to our members for providing critical financial support for the cultivation and care of our plant collections and the preservation of our Olmsted-designed landscape. Through the Nursery Discount Program, your membership in the Friends of the Arnold Arboretum can help beautify your own garden too. Our partnership with local nurseries and garden centers welcomes members to enjoy discounts on qualifying purchases. If you’re not already a member, join today to support the Arboretum and enjoy benefits like the Nursery Discount Program all year long.

    Free Fun Friday Comes to the Arboretum July 24

    Free Fun Friday

    Make the Arboretum your destination for summer fun! Delight your kids with the wonders of science and nature as the Arboretum celebrates Free Fun Friday on July 24. Sponsored by the Highland Street Foundation, the event spotlights a host of free activities on the Hunnewell Building lawn and across our landscape from 10am to 3pm. Enjoy plant explorations with scientific tools, art activities, a tree scavenger hunt, nature hikes, learning games, and more. Check out Free Fun Friday events at museums and cultural venues across the Commonweath this summer.

    Poetry Meets Photography in Arboretum Inspiration

    Poet Holly Guran and photographer Philip McAlary have spent many hours walking through the Arnold Arboretum as a source of inspiration for their respective artistic endeavors. They pair the evocative results of their explorations in a new exhibition currently on view in the Hunnewell Building through September 3. In Arboretum Inspiration: Image and Word, McAlary’s nature-focused images find a potent complement in Guran’s poems, melding sight, sound, and mind. Join us for a special reading from Guran and the Jamaica Pond Poets on August 2 at 1pm.

    Familiarize Yourself with Plant Families in July

    Conifer Collection

    Make the Arboretum your gateway to diverse and compelling perspectives on biodiversity. On July 8 and 22, tour the conifer collection with Jim Gorman to learn the key identification features, natural history, and uses of cone-bearing plants. Manager of Plant Records Kyle Port offers a closer look at our linden (Tilia spp.) collection on July 14, shedding light on the Arboretum’s extensive holdings of these summer-blooming trees. Beginning July 18 and continuing for two consecutive Saturdays, botanist Carol Govan explores plant families including roses and heathers, both in the classroom and in the field. And Erik Gehring reprises his popular workshop on nature photography on July 25.

    Spotlight on Silk Tree

    Silk Tree

    Native from Japan to the Caspian Sea, the silk tree (Albizia julibrissin) is a small ornamental that has escaped cultivation and naturalized in parts of the southeastern US and California. In midsummer when few other trees are in bloom, it dazzles with a succession of fragrant flowers which cover the tree for a long period and are noted for their dense cluster of threadlike stamens. Fine specimens can be found along Bussey Hill Road across from the lilacs, at the entrance to Chinese Path in the Explorers Garden, and near the Hunnewell Building. Get to know our Tree-of-the-Month in our Visitor Center or download a free activity guide for kids.

    Call for Artists: Jamaica Plain Open Studios Exhibit

    Local artists are invited to submit works inspired by the plants and landscape of the Arnold Arboretum for the upcoming Artists in the Arboretum juried exhibition, organized in conjunction with Jamaica Plain Open Studios. Artists do not need to live or work in Jamaica Plain. All entries submitted for consideration should be two-dimensional, such as paintings, drawings, photography, mixed media, and prints. The deadline for submissions is Thursday, July 23 at midnight, with decisions announced on August 17.

    All images from the Arnold Arboretum Archives except exhibition image courtesy of Philip McAlary and Michael Dosmann photograph courtesy of the American Public Gardens Association.

    APGA Honors Curator Michael Dosmann

    In recognition of his outstanding leadership and advocacy for botanical collections and the public gardens community, Arboretum Curator of Living Collections Michael Dosmann was presented the Professional Citation Award by the American Public Gardens Association at their 2015 annual meeting in Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN. Since his appointment as Curator in 2007, Dosmann has overseen the continuous development of the Arboretum’s collection of temperate woody plants and their associated documentation. A hallmark of this work has been his efforts to improve collections management, including developing novel field-checking and inventory strategies, improving the management of conservation-status plants, and enhancing access to historical and contemporary documentation. “As known to those in the realms of horticulture and public gardens,” said Arboretum Director William (Ned) Friedman, “Michael is a true plant enthusiast, a fearless plant explorer, and an international leader in efforts to raise documentation standards for plant records in living collections.”

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