Next Tree Mob™ -
1:00pm, October 14, 2015

Jack Alexander
Prepping for Propagation

POSTPONED to October 14. Collecting, storing, and triggering seeds to germinate is a tricky business. It requires patience, skill, and knowledge. It also requires an understanding of the various means of seed dispersal and the environments and processes that allow seeds to sprout in their native habitat. Mimicking nature is the key to success. In this tree mob, Propagator Jack Alexander and Manager of Plant Production Tiffany Enzenbacher will show some of the fruits, nuts, and seeds that are in line to become a new generation of Arboretum plants and speak about the treatments that various seeds undergo to trick them into sprouting. Meet inside the Dana Greenhouses on Wednesday, October 7 at 1:00pm.

Join us for a Tree Mob™!

What’s a Tree Mob™?

Tree Mobs are interactions with scientists or other specialists at the Arnold Arboretum, and provide another pathway to enjoy and learn in the landscape. Experts share little-known facts about our living plant collection, its relevance today, and its importance to future generations. A Tree Mob may attract a small group or a large gathering—we won’t know until it takes place. Join us in the landscape and discover something new.

What can I expect?

Plan to spend approximately 30 minutes learning about an interesting component of our collection. You can then continue your exploration of the Arnold Arboretum on your own. Tree Mobs are time, date, and location specific.

How does it work?

We will communicate about Tree Mobs by various means (see below). Using mobile technologies, such as a smartphone with location-awareness enabled, you will be able to navigate to the event location. You can also view and print a map we will provide with the day’s Tree Mob location on our website. With directions in hand, proceed to the designated meeting place to participate in our experiment for spontaneous learning.

How can I be notified?

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