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Trees in Trouble

August 17, 2015 by Arboretum Staff

street trees

What happens when a city's trees are devastated?  more »

Tickled Pink

July 29, 2015 by Arboretum Staff

silk tree flowers

Silk tree flowers look like bright pink powderpuffs.  more »

A Wealth of Roses

July 7, 2015 by Arboretum Staff

Flower of Rosa orientalis

There are at least 100 species of roses (Rosa) in the world.  more »

Up in Smoke

June 24, 2015 by Arboretum Staff

smoketree, cotinus coggygria 'Daydream'

A haze of fluffy inflorescences now cloaks many of the smoketree (Cotinus) specimens at the Arboretum.  more »

Tiptoe Through the Tuliptrees

June 5, 2015 by Arboretum Staff

flower of hybrid tuliptree

There are just two species of tuliptree (Liriodendron), and they originate from opposite sides of the globe.  more »

The Azalea Border

May 21, 2015 by Arboretum Staff


The Arboretum’s Azalea Border is awash in flowers right now.  more »

Syringa x chinensis 'Lilac Sunday'

May 8, 2015 by Arboretum Staff

Syringa 'Lilac Sunday'

'Lilac Sunday' (the lilac) was named in honor of Lilac Sunday (the event), an annual celebration of the Arboretum's extensive and beautiful lilac (Syringa) collection. This Arboretum-introduced Chinese lilac cultivar is a floriferous fountain of bloom, its branches loaded with fragrant pale purple flowers each spring. Read more about the selection and introduction of 'Lilac Sunday'.  more »

New England must plant trees this spring!

April 10, 2015 by Arboretum Staff

Arboretum interns planting a tree

This exhortation from noted Arboretum horticulturist Donald Wyman appeared in the May 5, 1939 issue of the Bulletin of Popular Information. His urgent appeal was in response to the significant loss of trees from the Hurricane of 1938 the previous September, but the message is still applicable today (albeit with a few changes in recommended species and planting techniques). There's still time this spring to “plan intelligent tree planting programs for the streets and highways as well as on private property.”  more »

Japanese Flowering Cherries

March 30, 2015 by Arboretum Staff

Japanese flowering cherries

The blossoms of Japanese flowering cherries are a glorious--though ephemeral--mark of spring. It will still be a while until the Arboretum's cherries (Prunus spp.) bloom (late April is typical), but while the snow continues to melt you can read about and admire photos of these beautiful trees.  more »

Growing Oranges in Boston

March 6, 2015 by Arboretum Staff

Growing oranges in Boston

Bostonians can only dream of plucking navel oranges or grapefruits from a tree in the backyard. But there is one citrus that may survive here, the trifoliate orange (Poncirus trifoliata). Many Arboretum accessions of this small, spiny Chinese tree have failed, but two plants from a 1979 accession still survive near the Honeysuckle Collection.  more »

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