Herbarium of Cultivated Plants

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Current Initiatives

Voucher Collection

Learn more about the Arboretum’s collecting efforts by referencing our Cultivated Herbarium Collections Policy [pdf].

Harvard University Herbaria

Harvard University Herbaria

The Harvard University Herbaria, with more than 5 million specimens, are one of the largest university collections in the world and third largest in the United States.

Herbarium of Cultivated Plants

The Herbarium of Cultivated Plants is a collection within the Herbarium of the Arnold Arboretum (A). Allied with five additional collections, the resources of the Harvard University Herbaria comprise one of the largest comprehensive collections of algae, bryophytes, fungi, and vascular plants in the world.

As of January 2016, the Herbarium of Cultivated Plants contained 129,199 specimens. Of these, 48,204 specimens document extant and historic accessions while 80,995 non-Arnold Arboretum specimens have been amassed from cultivated sources across North America, Asia, and Europe. Management and development of the collection is guided by the Cultivated Herbarium Collections Policy [pdf].

Cultivated Herbarium Search

The Arnold Arboretum’s collection of specimens of cultivated plants can be searched by entering the family name, Arboretum accession number, or scientific name (omit authorities, cultivar indicators, or intraspecific epithet(s)):

  • Entries can be either upper or lower case.
  • Use * or ] as a wildcard character.
    • For example, to search for all values containing Gent, enter gent* or gent].
  • Multiple search criteria should be separated by a comma.
    • For example, to look up both Epimedium stellulatum Stearn and Rhododendron alabamense Rehder, enter Epimedium stellulatum, Rhododendron alabamense.


The Herbarium of Cultivated Plants is located in the Hunnewell Building and is open, by appointment, Monday through Friday, 10:00am – 3:00pm. Please contact the Curator of Living Collections at 617.384.5769 to make an appointment. The herbarium is closed weekends and holidays.