Herbarium of Cultivated Plants Initiatives

Cultivated Herbarium

Herbarium of Cultivated Plants Initiatives

Approximately 500 voucher specimens, collected from Arboretum accessions, are added to the herbarium collections annually. Documenting accessions in flower, fruit, and vegetative states, vouchers record the growth, development, and performance of plants in the collection and are essential tools for identity verification. The Arboretum strives to represent every accessioned plant in the cultivated herbarium. At present the Arboretum’s curatorial staff is working to completely voucher each one our Plant Collections Network holdings. Voucher specimens are also collected from plants used for scientific study, documenting the research use of the Living Collection.

Read more about how vouchers are created and handled prior to insertion in the Cultivated Herbarium [pdf].

Read more about the utility of maintaining specimens of cultivated origin in the Herbarium of Cultivated Plants (formerly the Cultivated Herbarium, Horticultural Herbarium):

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