Herbarium of Cultivated Plants Statistics

Herbarium of Cultivated Plants Statistics

As of January 2016, the Herbarium of Cultivated Plants comprised 129,199 specimens. This collection contains vouchers collected from non-Arnold Arboretum (AA) sources, as well as accessions that grow or once grew in the living collections (Table 1).

Currently, 48,204 voucher specimens (37% of total) document the historic as well as extant living collections.  And, of 10,506 extant accessions in the living collection, nearly half (5,090) are supported by at least 1 voucher specimen.  Approximately five hundred vouchers are added to the collection annually with a current focus placed on Plant Collections Network genera.

Management of the collection is guided by the Cultivated Herbarium Collections Policy [pdf].

Table 1. Priority* (Plant Collections Network) and Largest Genera (n=35,584, or 27% of total) housed in the Arnold Arboretum’s Herbarium of Cultivated Plants.
Genera Number of AA Specimens Number of Non-AA Specimens
Acer* 2,362 2,135
Carya* 346 131
Crataegus 4,433 1,065
Fagus* 313 225
Lonicera 1,386 1,302
Malus 1,304 815
Prunus 1,973 2,677
Rhododendron 1,314 2,209
Rosa 1,595 2,323
Salix 1,823 1,470
Stewartia* 214 124
Syringa* 1,215 612
Tsuga* 236 102
Viburnum 1,044 836