Collection Statistics

Collection Statistics

As of July 2015, the living collections comprised 14,716 individual plants (including nursery holdings) belonging to 10,162 accessions representing 3,789 taxa. Taken together, the collections are considered to be one of the largest (Table 1) and best documented (Table 2) woody plant collections in North America and the world. Many of these accessions or accession lineages are of historical and botanical importance, representing the original North American introductions of Eastern Asian plants collected by Arboretum staff and affiliates such as Charles Sprague Sargent, Ernest H. Wilson [pdf], John G. Jack [pdf], Joseph Rock [pdf], and William Purdom [pdf].

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Table 1. Taxonomic profile of the Living Collections of the Arnold Arboretum.a
Families 101
Genera 348
Species 2,089
Subspecies 80
Varieties 358
Formae 70
Cultivars 1,435
Infraspecific Hybrids 440
Intergeneric Hybrids 12

aNumbers for infraspecific ranks correspond only to those accessions where rank is known.

Table 2. Provenance of Accessions in the Living Collections of the Arnold Arboretum.
Direct 2,722 27
Indirecta 789 8
Garden 3,021 30
Uncertainb 3,630 35

aFrom a cultivated plant of known (indirect) wild origin.
bIncludes 2,294 existing or spontaneous accessions whose provenance cannot be determined.