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Arnold Arboretum
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Advancing knowledge of the plant kingdom through research plays a pivotal role in the mission of the Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University. The Arnold Arboretum offers scientists an array of rich collections and information resources to explore broad and important questions in plant biology.

The Arboretum supports studies in a diverse range of disciplines, from organismic and evolutionary biology, molecular and developmental biology, and plant physiology, to studies in ecology, environment, and biodiversity. Facilitating investigations in its world-renowned living collection by staff and visiting scientists from around the world, the Arboretum also sends its scientists abroad to collect and study plants in their natural environments.

Beginning with the plant introduction activities of founding Director Charles Sprague Sargent, the Arboretum has demonstrated a strong commitment to studying the flora of Asia, a legacy that continues today with collecting expeditions and collaborative initiatives.

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