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Arnold Arboretum

Our Sargent Award Recipients

Made possible by the generosity of Dr. Jack Wittenberg through the Charles Sprague Sargent Fund, the Sargent Award provides support for visiting scholars in the botanical sciences to conduct basic research that utilizes the living, library, and/or herbarium collections of the Arnold Arboretum.


Andrew_03-05-14sq A geneticist at the USDA Forest Service, Andrew Groover will perform RNA sequencing (RNA-seq) on cambium and wood forming tissues of diverse trees in the Arboretum. Potentially important regulatory genes expressed in these tissues will be identified and analyzed as a first step to understanding the evolution of woody growth.


RosanneHealyTrufflingFSP2009 Rosanne Healy, a post-doctoral fellow at the University of Minnesota, is focusing on ectomycorrhizal fungi that are present on roots of trees in well-spaced habitats like the Arboretum. She plans to sequence, identify and compare the fungal partners on the roots of Oak trees present at the Arboretum with those at the Harvest Forest. Matching funds for this award was generously provided by the Harvard Forest.


HughMcAllister Hugh McAllister, honorary lecturer at the University of Liverpool, is interested in examining the evolutionary relationships of species within genera. By comparing chromosome numbers, he seeks to clarify the relationships between diploid and polyploid species. Previous visits to the Arnold Arboretum and the Harvard University Herbaria led to the publication of monographs on genera Betula and Sorbus.
Claire Williams Claire Williams is a distinguished scholar at the Forest History Society and a visiting scholar at the National Center for Evolutionary Synthesis. Her research focuses on the reproductive biology of conifers. Using the Arboretum’s conifer collection, Dr. Williams will determine whether pollen dispersed during the day or at night is more highly represented within the micropyle of female cones.
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