Research Talks

Research Talks

The Arnold Arboretum holds a weekly seminar series most Mondays at 12:10pm at the Weld Hill Lecture Hall (*unless otherwise noted). To receive announcements, sign up for the AA Research Talks mailing list.

Sept 8, 2014

Mon, 12:10 pm

Dan Flynn

Arnold Arboretum Research Associate, Wolkovich Lab
Evolution on ecological time scales alters biodiversity-ecosystem function relationships

Sept 15, 2014

Mon, 12:10 pm
Host: Wolkovich

Neil Pederson

Harvard Forest
Trees, their take on environmental history, and what we can learn from them

Sept 22, 2014

Mon, 12:10 pm

Adán Colón-Carmona

Associate Professor, UMass Boston
Plant growth control:
The role of a novel Arabidopsis thaliana kinesin in the progression of mitosis and meiosis

Sept 29, 2014

Mon, 12:10 pm

Jessica Savage

Arnold Arboretum Putnam Fellow
Ecological implications of whole plant physiology from leaf to root

Oct 6, 2014

Mon, 12:10 pm

Brian Kane

Associate Professor of Commercial Arboriculture, UMass Amherst
Parameters that affect the probability of failure of red oak

Oct 14, 2014

*Tues, 12:10 pm
*HUH, Cambridge

HUH Seminar, co-sponsored by AA

Dylan Burge

Assistant Curator, California Academy of Sciences
Seeing the forest for the trees: quantitative floristics in western North America

Oct 20, 2014

Mon, 12:10 pm

Sevan Suni

Arnold Arboretum Post-doctoral Fellow, Hopkins Lab
Conservation genetics of pollination systems

Oct 27, 2014

Mon, 12:10 pm

Federico Roda

Arnold Arboretum Post-doctoral Fellow, Hopkins Lab
Divergence and convergence in Australian groundsels

Nov 3, 2014

Mon, 12:10 pm

Ana Caicedo

Associate Professor, UMass Amherst
Adaptation, convergence, and the evolution of weediness: the case of red rice

Nov 10, 2014

Mon, 12:10 pm

Stacey Leight Young

Arnold Arboretum Putnam Fellow
Traits of North American and Asian lianas: insights into liana ecology

Nov 17, 2014

Mon, 12:10 pm

Colin Orians

Professor, Tufts University
Two invasive herbivores are better than one:
How elongate hemlock scale protects eastern hemlock from the woolly adelgid

Nov 24, 2014

Mon, 12:10 pm

Dov Sax

Associate Professor, Brown University
Species invasions, niche relationships, and plant conservation

Dec 1, 2014

Mon, 12:10 pm
Host: Hopkins

Daniel Otiz-Barrientos

Senior Lecturer (Assistant Professor), The University of Queensland, Australia
Sexual selection drives the evolution of reproductive isolation in flowering plants

Dec 9, 2014

*Tues, 12:10 pm

John (Mac) Marston

Assistant Professor, Boston University
Plant ecology and agricultural sustainability in ancient Turkey

Jan 26, 2015

Mon, 12:10 pm
Host: Hopkins

Jeremiah Busch

Assistant Professor, Washington State University
Automatic selection and the evolution of self-fertilization

Feb 2, 2015

Monday, 12:10 pm

William (Ned) Friedman

Arnold Professor, Arnold Arboretum and Organismic and Evolutionary Biology
Darwin’s “abominable mystery” and the search for the first flowering plants

Feb 9, 2015

Mon, 12:10 pm
Host: Des Marais

Stephen Tonsor

Associate Professor, University of Pittsburgh
Adaptation to climate and elevation in Spanish Arabidopsis

Feb 23, 2015

Mon, 12:10 pm
Host: Hopkins

Jannice Friedman

Assistant Professor, Syracuse University
Evolutionary transitions in plant reproductive strategies

March 2, 2015

Mon, 12:10 pm

Diana Bernal

PhD Candidate, University of Queensland, Australia
Leaf shape natural variation: environmental effects and genetic architecture in Senecio lautus

March 9, 2015

Mon, 12:10 pm

Nathan Phillips

Professor, Boston University
What cities can learn from trees

March 30, 2015

Mon, 12:10 pm

Cynthia Jones

Professor, University of Connecticut
Leaf ecology in the highly diverse South Africa genus Pelargonium

April 6, 2015

Mon, 12:10 pm
Host: Wolkovich

Brian McGill

Associate Professor, University of Maine
Three unusual views of community assembly

April 13, 2015

Mon, 12:10 pm
Host: Des Marais

Barry Logan

Professor, Bowdoin College
Decline of dwarf mistletoe-infected white spruce forests along the Maine coast:
mechanisms of mortality and the legacy of land use

April 20, 2015

Mon, 12:10 pm
Host: Dosmann

Theresa Culley

Associate Professor, University of Cincinnati
Ornamentals Gone Wild: How Horticulture Contributed to Invasion of the Callery Pear Tree

April 27, 2015

Mon, 12:10 pm

Peter Del Tredici

Arnold Arboretum and Harvard Graduate School of Design
Urban Nature / Human Nature

Calendar of additional life science seminars at Harvard University.