Weld Hill Solar Project

Weld Hill Solar Project

The Weld Hill Solar Project represents the Arboretum’s most ambitious sustainability initiative to date, projected to generate over 25% of the total energy required to support word-class research and education at the Weld Hill Building upon completion in fall 2019. The Weld Hill system comprises 1314 photovoltaic (PV) panels capable of producing an estimated 566,409 kWh annually.

Working in tandem with the panels, a unique battery storage array reduces peak demand charges by mitigating the limitations of solar-generated electricity. To support local insect biodiversity, the project design incorporates a natives-focused pollinator meadow beneath panel arrays, populated with herbaceous species locally sourced and collected by the Arboretum.

Offsetting an estimated 401 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent annually (comparable to 437,889 pounds of coal burned), the Weld Hill Solar Project offers students and other visitors the chance to learn about the importance of renewable energy, and demonstrates the Arboretum’s ongoing commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship. Read more in the Harvard Gazette.

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Stephen Schneider, Director of Operations
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