American Forests – Champion Trees

by Larissa Glasser, Library Assistant
October 17, 2016

Champion Trees

American Forests – Champion Trees

Champion Trees

Champion Trees National Register

Champion trees are the superstars of their species — and there are more than 700 of them in our annual register. Each champion is the result of a lucky combination: growing in a spot protected by the landscape or by people who have cared about and for it, good soil, the right amount of water, and resilience to the elements, surviving storms, disease and pests.

American Forests National Big Tree Program was founded to honor these trees. Since 1940, we have kept the only national register of champion trees, an annual record of the biggest known tree of hundreds of species.

Champion trees are found by people just like you — school teachers, kids fascinated by science, tree lovers of all ages and even arborists for whom a fun day off is measuring the biggest tree they can find. You, too, can become a big tree hunter and compete to find new champions.

The 2016 American Forests Champion Trees national register has 705 national champions, including 64 newly crowned champions and co-champions. The national register has basic and advanced search features that allow you to search by species, measurements, location and total points.

There are more than 200 eligible species without a champion. You just need a measuring tape and a ruler to get started — nominate your tree!

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