Arboretum Inspiration: Image and Word

by Jon Hetman, Director of External Relations & Communications
August 17, 2015

Philip McAlary wild-geranium_dawn-redwood (180x124)

Arboretum Inspiration: Image and Word

Photographs, Philip McAlary; Poetry, Holly Guran

June 5-September 13, 2015
Sunday, August 2, 1-3pm, Arboretum Poetry Reading: Poems and Poets of Nature,
A Reading from the Jamaica Pond Poets with Holly Guran

“…Remember, whatever comes next, we have walked here.”
– Excerpt “On Peter’s Hill” Guran, River Tracks, 2007

Together, poet Holly Guran and photographer Philip McAlary have witnessed the continuous inspiration of the Arboretum. Their nature-focused images and words complement each other, melding sight, sound, and mind. Frequent walks in the landscape were the influence and force behind this collaboration uniting McAlary’s vibrant images with Guran’s thoughtful words.

Holly Guran, author of the chapbooks River Tracks (Poets Corner Press), Mothers’ Trails (Noctiluca Press), and the forthcoming River Full of Bones (Iris Press), earned a Massachusetts Cultural Council finalist award in 2012.

Philip L. McAlary studied at Otis Art Institute in Los Angeles. His photos have appeared on websites including Massachusetts Cultural Council, Wagner Society of Boston, and Carpenter Poets of Eastern Massachusetts.

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