Arnold Arboretum Staff in front of Hunnewell Building, 1970

by Larissa Glasser, Library Assistant
September 3, 2015

Arnold Arboretum staff

Arnold Arboretum Staff in front of Hunnewell Building, 1970

Arnold Arboretum Staff in front of Hunnewell Building, 1970

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Arnold Arboretum Staff in front of Hunnewell Building, 1970

Photographer unknown
Hunnewell Building, Arnold Arboretum, Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts

Front row left to right, Dr. Lily Perry, Stephanie B. Sutton, Jeanne B Caldwell, Nancy M. Page, Emilie McCarthy, Victoria Bell, S. Kaye, M.T. Hallaran, Elna L. Grinsbergs, Pamela A. Brums, Rosemary Walsh, Nancy Dunkly, Dulcie Powell, Dr. Bernice Schubert, Helen Roca-Garcia

Middle row left to right, Dr. Richard A. Howard, Alfred J. Fordham, Harry Hill, Ralph Benotti, Artur Ginters, Charles Mackey, Dr. Syed M.A. Kazmi, Dr. A. Linn Bogle, Dr. Gordon P. DeWolf, jr., Heman Howard, Mildred Pelkus, Virginia Savage, Winnifred Hebb, Robert Hebb, Dr. Lorin I. Nevling, William E. Grime, Willie Casterlow, Vincent Antonovich, Ernest Abolins, Peter Ward, Angus McNiel, Walter Polesky

Back row left to right, Arthur Norietis, George H. Pride, Thomas Kinahan, Dr. Thomas S. Elias, Dr. Carroll E. Wood, Clarence Parker, Daniel Reuben, Joachim Hourihan, Michael Canoso, Scott Vonnegut, Dr. Paul Sorensen, Dr. Thomas G. Hartley, Dr. Norton G. Miller, Carl Joplin, William Schwabe, Robert G. Williams, Maurice Sheehan, Michael Gormley, Henry Goodell, Timothy O’Leary, Domingo Rivera

The Archive Collection of the Arnold Arboretum Horticultural Library also holds Group Photographs of Arboretum Staff, dating back to 1916.

The Hunnewell Building is located at the Main Entrance of the Arnold Arboretum. The facility houses our Visitor Center, Lecture Hall, Library and Archives, and Herbarium. The building was constructed in 1892 and fully renovated with improved accessibility in 1992. It is named in honor of Horatio Hollis Hunnewell (1810-1902), a major contributor to the Arnold Arboretum.

Also remember to visit our Image Collection, which includes historical landscape images of The Hunnewell Building.

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One thought on “Arnold Arboretum Staff in front of Hunnewell Building, 1970

  1. Dear Librarians,

    Haven’t seen some of these faces in years…. but are you sure Carroll Wood’s is correct? I worked at AA/GH Library 1973 to 1975/6, and some of the people that I thought would be in this photo, are not. Do you have any group photos from the time i was there?

    Right this minute, i am working on trying to remember some of their names. … but I don’t remember any group pictures being taken while I was there. Just curious.

    In The Paleo lab, there was an older, married couple. She always had her hair pinned up, he always wore a bow-tie….. Bruce Tiffney was the graduate student that worked with them.

    Part of the problem, is that I don’t know the years that any of them started there, just that they were there while i was there.

    Hope I am not bothering you, and thank you for any help.

    Nancy Karasik (Masek)

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