Be An Engineer!

November 15, 2017

Building Lab kit

Be An Engineer!

Building Lab Kit invites creativity for visiting families

Building Lab kit

Contents of the Building Lab Kit

Do your kids love to play with sticks? Do they drag them around, use them for swordplay, or make music with them? A new free activity can help you explore the Arboretum while giving your kids a creative way to play with sticks in our landscape.

Designed to encourage engineers and architects of all ages, the Building Lab Kit is now available for borrowing in the Visitor Center. The kit includes safety glasses, 36 bamboo sticks in 3 different sizes, and a set of 24 stick-lets, all housed in an easy-to-tote shoulder bag. The kit also includes an introductory pamphlet—available in English and Spanish—with guidelines and suggestions for use.

Young Engineers

Young engineers explore stick-lets and bamboo in the Building Lab Kit.

What are stick-lets, you may ask? These colorful, flexible silicone shapes provide multiple ways to connect the bamboo sticks to create bridges, shelters, swings, sculptures, and whatever else the imagination conjures. The entire family will enjoy planning, problem-solving, and creating structures together. When done, share your genius with the world by taking a picture of your creation and posting it on Instagram (tag @arnold_arboretum).

Visitors build with bamboo

Teen visitor builds with bamboo and stick-lets

Be among the first to use the Building Lab Kit and tinker with construction in our landscape!

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