Botany Blast: Seeing Climate Change in Your Backyard

January 17, 2017

Hamamelis vernalis

Botany Blast: Seeing Climate Change in Your Backyard

Botany Blast: Seeing Climate Change in Your Backyard

Alyssa Rosemartin, Partner & Application Specialist, The USA National Phenology Network

1 Session: Sunday, January 22, 2:30–3:30pm
Location: Hunnewell Building

Learn what you can do to help scientists in their studies of the effects of a changing climate on plants and animals. Alyssa Rosemartin of the USA National Phenology Network will speak about the science of the seasons and the power of citizen science initiatives, like Tree Spotters. Interested in improving communication between scientists, the public and decision-makers, she will discuss how phenological data informs natural resource conservation and national policy. Learn how to gather data and engage with the scientific method in support of science’s key role in society. She will also discuss the history and future direction of the National Phenology Network and the importance of individual contributors.

Botany Blasts are designed to encourage citizen scientists (Tree Spotters) as well as recreational naturalists to look closely at the changing characteristics of trees that provide clues to their seasonal development and to consider a plant’s role in its environment.

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