Dana Greenhouses in Winter, 1980 by Jack Alexander

by Larissa Glasser, Library Assistant
February 4, 2016

Dana Greenhouses

Dana Greenhouses in Winter, 1980 by Jack Alexander

Dana Greenhouses in Winter, 1980 by Jack Alexander

Dana Greenhouses A.A. [Title from recto of slide.] 35 mm. Emulsion on polyester.

Greenhouses, winter, Dana Greenhouses, 1980

Alternate Title: Greenhouses and headhouse
Photograph by John H. Alexander (American)
Dana Greenhouses, Arnold Arboretum, Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts, United States
February 1980

A larger version of this image is available in Harvard University’s HOLLIS+ catalog.

John “Jack” Herbert Alexander III is Plant Propagator at the Dana Greenhouses, Arnold Arboretum. Jack joined the Arboretum in 1976, and since 1978 has contributed numerous articles to our journal Arnoldia. He has also acted on the board of the Living Collections Committee of the Arboretum. Jack was also named a Fellow of the Eastern Region of the International Plant Propagators’ Society and in 2004 received their Award of Merit.

Jack is also the author, along with Nan Stinton, of Lilacs : plants of history, plants for tomorrow, which he hold here in the library.

The Archive Collection at Arnold Arboretum Horticultural Library also curates The John H. Alexander III Papers, 1965-2011. The main focus of the collection is on Jack’s correspondence with various parties to answer their questions about specific plants and trees and their propagation or to fill order requests for cuttings and seeds. The collection includes annual reports and notes relating to weather data and number of plants propagated.

On Saturday, February 6, Jack teaches the class Grafting Techniques for Ornamental Trees at the Dana Greenhouse, Arnold Arboretum. He explains, “Grafting is the technique of joining parts of plants in such a manner that they unite and continue their growth as one plant. It is a practical propagation method for the hobbyist, since it does not require special conditions or equipment.”

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