Arboretum donation boxes burglarized

by Jon Hetman, Director of External Relations & Communications
November 25, 2015

donation box

Arboretum donation boxes burglarized

donation boxThree donation boxes located on the grounds of the Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University were broken into and burglarized on Monday night, November 23. One or more individuals vandalized boxes near the Arboretum’s Arborway Gate, on Meadow Road, and near the Centre Street Gate. Police believe perpetrators cut the locks off the boxes using a saw blade. An investigation is underway to identify those responsible, and the boxes are being repaired to maintain the security of visitor contributions.

The donation boxes–which are locked metal posts located near several of the Arboretum’s public gates–were installed in the 1970s to aid Arboretum fundraising, and represent one of the institution’s sources of income as a self-supporting unit of Harvard University. The Arboretum depends upon the generosity of members, donors, and the visiting public to maintain its world-class collections of plants and to fund its range of programming for the public.

Boston Police are investigating the burglary, and recovered tools and personal effects used in perpetrating the crime. If you have any information regarding this incident, please contact Boston Police (Jamaica Plain District E13) at 617.343.5630.

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