The Arboretum for Educators professional development series has been offered each academic school year at the Arnold Arboretum since September 2015. Monthly gatherings, open to any preschool to high school educator from the greater Boston area, feature hands-on explorations of the Arboretum landscape with the purpose of sharing ways of using outdoor classrooms to teach science concepts. Past events are included here, with links to more detailed blog posts.


Impressions from a visiting professor

May 2018

Olga Mayoral, a visiting professor, spent time embedded in the Arboretum's Public Programs department, learning how our volunteer guides for Field Study Experiences are trained, and how we use the outdoors for authentic science education.


Spring marches on, despite snow

March 2018

Boston educators journeyed into a snowy Arboretum landscape in search of signs of spring. They were rewarded with many!


Teachers learn about conifers

February 2018

Boston area teachers visited for an Arboretum for Educators study of conifer adaptations. Hands-on explorations and a short walk highlighted diverse conifers and their various adaptations.


Tree Architecture Primer

January 2018

Boston area teachers learn about tree architecture and nature journaling during this month's Arboretum for Educators program.


Teachers search for tree bark

December 2017

On Saturday, December 2, a group of Boston area teachers searched for trees whose bark resembled string cheese, camo pants, saggy socks, or peeling paint. 


Investigating Winged Seeds

November 2017

Boston area teachers explore various seed dispersal strategies and apply engineering standards to the study of winged seeds.


Exploring Freshwater Habitats

May 2017

On Saturday, the Arboretum for Educators program led teachers to explore the freshwater habitats of Dawson, Faxon and Rehder Ponds.


Searching for Signs of Spring

March 2017

Boston area educators discuss the many signs of spring that can be observed during an outdoor exploration, and how to turn these into investigations with students.


Boston Educators Explore Conifers

February 2017

In February, Boston educators walked through the Conifer Collection to learn about evergreen characteristics and adaptations.


Boston educators go birding!

November 2016

Boston area educators learned the basics of bird identification on an Arboretum bird walk and participated in activities spotlighting the many ways teachers can bring science alive in the outdoors.


Fall Color and Seed Dispersal

October 2016

The Arboretum for Educators Monthly Exploration began its new season on Saturday, October 1st. Boston area educators gathered to learn more about fall leaf color, and participate in hands-on experiments to investigate the many different ways winged seeds disperse.


Searching for Insect Pollinators

June 2016

Two events for Boston Public School teachers highlight a commitment to training educators in the use natural settings for science education.


Teachers Explore the Ponds

May 2016

On Saturday, May 7th, Boston Public School educators gathered around the ponds to collect water samples and examine the diversity of macro-invertebrates that live in freshwater ecosystems.


Flower Dissections with Boston Educators

April 2016

During the April Arboretum for Educators' monthly exploration, Boston Public School teachers examine the reproductive structures of flowers through close observation and dissections.


Is It Spring Yet?

March 2016

Boston educators search for signs of spring in the landscape, and learn to use their exploration as a starting point for helping students determine testable questions.


Conifers in the snow

February 2016

Boston Educators explored conifers and their adaptations during a two hour professional development session.


Boston educators discover twigs

January 2016

Boston Public School educators walk the grounds with arborist Kyle Stephens to learn how to "read" twigs and discover how trees cope during winter months.


Boston Teachers explore the geology of the Arboretum

December 2015

Boston Public School teachers participate in a geology walk throughout the Arboretum led by geologist Jennifer Lenz. They learn to use earth materials to replicate geological landforms and how to model earth processes with their students.


Boston Educators Explore All Things Birds

November 2015

Boston teachers participate in a bird walk led by Bob Mayer, followed by a simulated activity to learn about the structure and function of bird beaks.


Arboretum hosts open house for educators

September 2015

Educators from Boston Public Schools came together on September 11 and 12 for an open house at the Arnold Arboretum, an event highlighting the Arboretum as a unique resource for outdoor learning.