Summer Institute

The Arnold Arboretum Summer Institute

Science, Naturally
Strategies for Outdoor Teaching

PreK-Grade 2 Teachers
August 10 – 13, 2020
8:30am – 3:00 pm
examining ferns

Teachers examine fern structures.

This year’s 2020 Summer Institute is intended to give teachers of young scientists the tools and content necessary to create meaningful experiences in outdoor spaces that lead to authentic life science instruction. Teachers will go outside daily with naturalists, maintain a science journal, examine standards, curriculum models and lesson ideas, and network with other teachers of young children. Come learn the nuts and bolts of working outdoors with young children!
Apply now before June 5. Limited spaces available.

An Opportunity for Educators

The Arnold Arboretum offers a multi-day institute every summer intended for educators. Each institute has a different focus and varying target audience. Preference is given to teachers from the Boston Public Schools (BPS) and we encourage teams of teachers (up to 4 people) from the same school to apply together. Single applications are also accepted. Other specialists are also encouraged to join a team, or apply singly. See more information about the 2019 Summer Institute.

Goals of the Institute

1.  To give teachers needed

Summer Institute teachers examine monarch caterpillars on Kent Field

Brendan Keegan (right) explains the relationship between milkweed and monarch caterpillars.

knowledge about plants and their environments that will enable them to create lessons/units of study aligned with the new Massachusetts Science, Technology, and Engineering Standards.

2.  To expose teachers to using the outdoors in general, and the Arnold Arboretum in particular, as a means for teaching life science standards.

3.  To share resources, teaching ideas, materials, and expertise with teachers so they can feel confident in and comfortable with leading purposeful life science lessons, both indoors and outdoors.

4.  To develop relationships with teacher teams within BPS schools for continued professional development during the school year, including school visits by Arboretum Educators and facilitated field trips to the Arboretum.

Teacher Benefits

  • Free, high quality professional development taught by guest speakers and Arboretum staff.
  • Professional Development Points (PDPs) at conclusion of institute.
  • For BPS teachers:  Bus transportation for a self-guided field trip to the Arboretum during the following academic school year.
  • Teachers from schools with demographics similar to Boston Public School students will be considered for the bus benefit.
  • Access to resources and education staff throughout the year.
  • Breakfast, drinks and snacks provided daily.
  • A collegial atmosphere set in a beautiful landscape for timely and relevant learning.

The 2019 Summer Institute, Investigating Ecosystems Through Fieldwork, was held August 12–16. Read about it!