Hunnewell Interns

Hunnewell Interns

The Isabella Welles Hunnewell Internship Program supports the educational and horticultural missions of the Arnold Arboretum by providing students in the plant sciences with on-the-job training during the summer months. An annual cohort is selected to learn and work directly with the Arboretum’s historic landscape and world-renowned scientific collection of trees and shrubs. Interns work alongside the Arboretum’s dedicated team, gaining practical experience in public horticulture, collections and landscape management, and the arboreal sciences. While receiving a valuable mentoring opportunity, interns also engage in a formal program of instruction, both in the classroom and in the field, and are provided with networking opportunities and exposure to the operations of many other botanical institutions through a series of field trips scheduled throughout their summer experience.


Left to Right: Thao (Emma) Le, Grant Hughes, Meghan Detlaff, Julie-Anne Cote, Nickolas Mayer, Ninway Aziz, Siqi (Joyce) Zhu, Liam McTigue, and Lane Diesa


Ninway Aziz: She graduated from Humber College in Toronto as a Horticulture Technician. Striving to become a more multifaceted horticulturist, she was accepted to the Niagara Parks School of Horticulture in Niagara Falls, Canada, where she currently pursues a degree in Ornamental Horticulture while completing her formal apprenticeship requirements. Through this program she has discovered a strong interest in arboriculture and its relation to ecology.  She was drawn to the Hunnewell Internship Program at the Arnold Arboretum to further develop her dendrology and arboricultural experience. She believes this unparalleled internship serves as a great start for providing valuable knowledge on integrating arboriculture with ecologically-conscious operations.
Julie-Anne Cote: Her first job in horticulture was working at a fruit and vegetable farm in Orléans, Ontario, where she enjoyed learning about the cultivation of crops. While obtaining a bachelor’s degree in communications at Carleton University, she continued working at the farm whenever she could, which sparked her interest in exploring plant life more formally. She is now working towards a diploma in ornamental horticulture at the Niagara Parks School of Horticulture in Niagara Falls, Canada, a program that includes applied practical performance maintaining the Niagara Parks Botanical Gardens. Her long-term career goal is to help with the creation of Canadensis—The Garden of Canada in her hometown of Ottawa, Ontario. Her exposure to botanical garden management practices instilled her desire to pursue work with curatorial responsibilities at a public garden. Her internship at the Arboretum offers Julie-Anne the unique opportunity to test drive this area of knowledge and to practice valuable skills that relate to plant collection development, use, and conservation.
Meghan Detlaff: She originates from the frozen prairies of North Dakota. Born and raised in Minot, her interest in plants began with an environmental science class in high school. Botanizing and identifying plants by name was empowering, and she followed her newfound passion through jobs at a local greenhouse, flower shop, a North Dakota arboretum, and a tissue culture lab. Meanwhile, she attended one year at Minot State University before transferring to North Dakota State University in Fargo to pursue a horticulture degree with a focus in urban forestry. After spending time as the Events Coordinator for her campus’ Residence Hall Association, she looks  forward to expanding her leadership experience and bringing people together as she continues on a career path in public horticulture. Specifically, she is interested in bringing nature into the urban environment and connecting people to plants and each other through public green spaces. The Hunnewell Internship has been the opportunity of a lifetime for Meghan, and the knowledge and standards she has adopted here will follow her for the rest of her career.
Lane Diesa:  She attends North Carolina State University and is pursuing a degree in Horticulture Science. Her interest in horticulture began in high school, where she took as many classes in the field as possible and could always be found in the greenhouse. From there she continued to pursue her love for plants at NCSU in Raleigh. She accepted her first internship at the University of Florida’s extension program in Brevard County, FL, working as a research intern at the Brevard Botanical Garden and helping maintain the production of tropical plants. Next she interned for NASA, researching new crops in microgravity including a variety of lettuce for the astronauts currently living on the international space station. While at NASA, Lane had the opportunity to work with seeds produced in space and researched their viability back on earth. She hopes to continue to explore her passion for plants and keep on growing!
Grant Hughes: Growing up in the town of Glenwood, IA, Grant gained an affinity for horticulture by sowing seeds in his grandmother’s garden, and interest which continued to grow from that moment. Grant is currently a rising senior at Iowa State University, majoring in horticulture with a concentration in public horticulture. He previously participated in two internships at Lauritzen Gardens in Omaha, NE, as a plant production intern and a horticulture intern. These experiences furthered his interest in greenhouse work and all stages of plant development, as well as creating garden displays for public enjoyment using plants he’s cultivated. Regarding his internship experience, Grant can think of no better opportunity to learn the upmost importance and value of plants in the landscape as a living museum like the Arboretum. As he continues to learn and discover each day at the Arboretum, it strengthens his aspirations to help create connections between the community and horticulture—and his desire to share his passion and knowledge of plants with the world.
Thao (Emma) Le: Emma is as student from Vietnam and currently a rising senior at Temple University in Philadelphia, PA, where she is working on a degree in horticulture with a minor in nutrition. Emma’s budding interest in the realm of plants, and more specifically in agriculture, began three years ago when she started college. Gaining more knowledge and experience through horticulture and landscape architecture classes as well as farming internships, Emma found herself gravitating away from agriculture and towards ornamental horticulture. She began to understand how landscape aesthetics can play a major role in sparking conversations about environmental sustainability and restoration. Emma’s mission is to travel the world and gather as much knowledge as possible, in order to push the boundaries of horticulture back home in Vietnam. The Hunnewell Internship at the Arnold Arboretum has allowed her to do this, from working alongside knowledgeable horticulturists to visiting spectacular botanical gardens along the East Coast. Emma’s professional interests have narrowed to using the outdoor environment to facilitate health and wellbeing.
Nicholas Mayer:  His interest in plants and horticulture began at home, growing up on a small grass-fed beef cattle farm in Oberlin, OH. He quickly discovered his preference for working with plants instead of cattle, pursuing a degree in agricultural science with a concentration in crop production and management at Cornell University. His interest in the Hunnewell Internship Program stems from the Arnold Arboretum’s reputation as a public park as well as the opportunity it provided to learn in a unique environment. The internship experience provided him with an introduction to public gardening and an opportunity explore his horticultural interests. While at the Arboretum, he has become particularly interested in native herbaceous flora and its preservation. Nick plans to seek employment in the public garden industry and, in the near future, seek a graduate degree in horticulture.
Liam McTigue: As a high school freshman, Liam developed an interest for plants studying photosynthesis and plant anatomy in biology class—and credits his teacher, Mrs. Mikulski, with inspiring him to continue learning about the natural world outside of the classroom. His passion for plants continued into college, where Liam currently studies biology with a concentration in botany as a rising senior at Millersville University of Pennsylvania. Liam’s internship has provided hours of invaluable education from experts, practical training in horticulture, and more passion to work with plants. After graduation, Liam plans to pursue a job or internship in horticulture to gain more experience, and would like to purse a graduate program in botany or horticulture.
Siqi (Joyce) Zhu: Was born and raised in a small city in southeastern China. Growing up near a public garden, Joyce developed an affinity for the outdoor landscape which drove her to choose landscape architecture as her major. She attended Zhejiang University, a Chinese university famous for its horticulture programs. In her sophomore year, she was selected for a dual degree program with Cornell University, with the opportunity to study in the US. At Cornell, she developed her interest in landscape under clinical and healthcare settings with a special concentration on healing gardens. The therapeutic value of plants obsessed her and roused her curiosity to find more connections between landscape and horticulture. Being part of the horticulture team at the Arboretum has honed her skills in plant identification and landscape management, and demonstrated the unique characteristics of each plant. These unforgettable experiences have not only encouraged her to pursue her passion in the public landscape realm. but also shaped her aspirations to design sustainably, with low environmental impact.



Left to Right:  Vanessa Igoe, Connor Davis, Erin Conley, Matthew McNeer, Connor Heffer, Jamie Lim, Lindy Latham, and April Joren


Erin Conley: Born in Omaha, Nebraska, Erin attended high school in a very rural part of the state. She realized the large-scale agriculture she was surrounded by was unsustainable, which led her to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Agroecology at the University of Wyoming. During her sophomore year, she took a Horticultural Science class as an elective, influencing her to pursue a year-long internship as the Rose and Flower Garden Intern at the Morris Arboretum of the University of Pennsylvania upon graduation. Wanting to continue to explore horticulture in the context of public gardens and eventually become a Director of Horticulture, Erin couldn’t think of a better place to gain experience than the Arnold Arboretum. Being part of the horticulture team has helped her hone her skills in pruning and integrated pest management, as well as learn about the aspects of a different public garden. After the completion of her internship, Erin will start as a full-time horticulturalist at the Morris Arboretum.
Connor Davis: He attended Roanoke College in Salem, VA graduating in 2011 with a bachelors degree in business administration.  A desired career change found him working for a small landscape installation company specializing in drought tolerant designs throughout the bay area. He has narrowed in on his career path with a desire to pursue work within the public landscape and conservation realm. This internship serves as a great start for providing valuable knowledge on the operations that take place at a world-class arboretum.
Connor Heffer: Currently working towards completing his Bachelor of Science degree in Plant Biology at the University of Vermont. His first exposure to a formal garden was only down the street from his childhood home at Long Hill, a property overseen by the Trustees of Reservation. This internship has helped him tremendously in understanding the curatorial mindset and best practices involved in representing a truly exquisite landscape of plants; he is grateful for this. Upon graduation, Conor hopes to hone and fuse his interests in plant diversity, public gardening and curation and be involved in landscapes like that of Long Hill or the Arnold Arboretum.
Vanessa Igoe: Growing up in the city of Quincy, MA, Vanessa Igoe did not have a typical life of a young girl. Instead, she was right by her father’s side learning how to mow the lawn and exploring her family’s garden.  Years later, she attended Norfolk County Agricultural High School where she majored in urban forestry and became very interested in plant identification. Participating in the NCAHS Internship program through the Arnold Arboretum, is when she became certain that she was made to continue working further in the green industry. Vanessa Igoe is very fortunate to have been able to fulfill her long-time dream of pursing her passion for plants further through the Hunnewell internship program at the Arnold Arboretum this summer.
April Joren: Attending the University of Tennessee Knoxville where she is working towards a Bachelor of Science degree in Public Horticulture. After working in tourism and hospitality, and then serving a term in the United States Air Force, April chose to integrate her background in public service with her passion for plants. One of the things that drew April to the Arnold Arboretum was its status a city park, free and open to the public. This aspect of the Arboretum aligns with April’s strong belief that people and communities are the most important aspects of public horticulture, and plants are the tools we use to enrich and improve the lives of those people.
Lindy Latham:  Attended Miami University of Ohio and majored in Biology with a focus in Botany. For three years she worked in the Conservatory on campus, helping maintain a diverse collection of tropical plants. Lindy is really interested in both plants and insects and the ecology of plants and how they interact with insects. After this internship she hopes to focus in areas of conservation, working native plants and their pollinators.
Jamie Lim: Jamie is from Singapore and has previously worked in her country’s government agency, the National Parks’ Board of Singapore as an arborist. To develop her knowledge and technical skills in tree work, she has since taken a sabbatical from her work to pursue a Master’s degree at the University of Massachusetts (Amherst), focusing on arboriculture. She applied for the Arborist internship position at the Arnold Arboretum to learn more tree work in the public garden of the United States. The greatest benefit from this program was to be inspired by the passion of the staff in the arboretum and that has sparked an interest in her to work in public gardens. The experience has also spurred her on to continue pursuing her development as an arborist.
Matthew McNeer: Matt was born and raised in Evansville, IN and has had an affinity for the outdoors since he was very young. Matt became more interested in the biodiversity and incredible complexity of the plant world as he got older. He started off as a plant biology major but decided he enjoyed the cultivation and hands on aspect of production horticulture and switched his major. He has worked in the Southern Illinois University’s Greenhouse and Conservatory for three years and has done another internship at Newfield Gardens in Indianapolis. He is about to graduate with a production horticulture degree from SIU, and hopes to continue working with and cultivating rare and exotic plant species as well as share his love of plants with the world.



Back Row (Left to Right):  Marcus Jenson, Elenda Leander, Matthew McDermitt, and Alexander Disyak

Front Row (Left to Right):  Alexander Bernette, Rachel Lawlor, Sarah Fox, Anna Fisher, Melissa Green, and Monica Alves

Monica Alves:  She recently completed a Master’s degree in water science and governance at King’s College London and has a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science from Simmons College. Monica is an avid observer of human behavior and their interaction with nature. She believes dissecting cultural as well as individual values and attitudes may change society’s growing disinclination to preserve public gardens and arboretums. The Arnold Arboretum’s remarkable collections and inclusive urban setting have provided a unique opportunity for Monica to assess how institutions can better serve their diverse audiences. After her summer as a Hunnewell Intern, Monica hopes to expand on this work through career aspirations in the field.
Alexander Bernette:  He is currently completing his undergraduate studies at North Carolina State University in the Agricultural Institute, earning Associate’s degrees in ornamental landscape technology and agribusiness management with a horticulture concentration. During this time he was introduced to arboriculture and tree climbing and discovered a passion for trees. After graduating from the Agricultural Institute, he transferred to NCSU’s College of Agricultural and Life Sciences to pursue a bachelor’s degree in horticultural science. Since starting college Alex has worked for several tree companies to gain experience in the tree care industry, and was excited to apply for the Hunnewell Internship program for the opportunity to learn about working at a public garden and an institution focused on trees. Alex plans to graduate in December and is considering pursuing his interests in education and public gardens.
Alexander Disyak:  Alex is currently in the final year of a horticulture diploma program. Upon completion, he will pursue a Bachelor’s degree in horticulture at Olds College, the oldest agricultural/horticultural school in Canada, located in Alberta. His interests in plants, plant healthcare, and sustainability derive from previous experience in the oil and gas industry, working in such diverse landscapes as the deserts of the Middle East and UNESCO-protected sites in Madagascar. Working in isolated environments has given Alexander a unique perspective about plants and cultural practices, including the complete reliance some cultures have on native plants to sustain survival in harsh environments. The Hunnewell Internship Program gave Alex an excellent opportunity to explore his aspirations in plant healthcare and sustainability.
Anna Fisher:  She discovered her passion for horticulture after starting college at Clemson University. Since then she has gained tremendous knowledge to advance her career in horticulture from classes, working on peach farms, and assisting in research greenhouses—including her experience this summer as a plant production intern at the Arnold Arboretum’s Dana Greenhouses.  In the future, she aspires to galvanize these experiences toward greater social justice by sharing the importance of sustainable agriculture in underserved areas of the southeast.
Sarah Fox:  Currently, she is studying environmental science at the University of Pennsylvania. When she is not volunteering in the greenhouse, she enjoys teaching violin, swimming with her club team, and keeping her room clean. Her professional interests focus on conservation, and Sarah sees exhibits and public gardens like the Arnold Arboretum as important catalysts for social activism. The Hunnewell Internship Program has given her the tools to inspire others to value nature (particularly biodiversity) and become environmental stewards themselves.
Melissa Green:  Living close to New York City cultivated her curiosity for people and urban spaces. These interests coalesced during her undergraduate studies at Skidmore College where she received a Bachelor’s degree in environmental studies.  After college, she worked on a Massachusetts Department of Transportation program raising public awareness around bike and pedestrian safety in the Commonwealth, sparking her return to academia. Currently, Melissa is attending the Harvard Graduate School of Design to pursue a Master’s degree in landscape architecture.  Hunnewell Intern program provided her with the opportunity to learning about unique plants and the challenges of maintaining a large-scale park. She hopes to parlay what she learns this summer in her career, designing engaging, inviting, and safe spaces that expose people to ecology.
Marcus Jenson:  Through youth programs such as 4-H and FFA, he found horticulture to be the ideal industry to combine his passion for plants, knack for creativity, and desire to work with others. Today, Marcus follows those career aspirations as he enters his senior year at Iowa State University with a major in horticulture and minor in agriculture education. In past summers, he has expanded his experiences as a landscape installation and maintenance intern in Illinois and as a landscape design and garden services intern in Minnesota. Being a Hunnewell Intern at the Arnold Arboretum has offered Marcus a taste for public horticulture amid a premier collection of woody plants, while introducing this Midwest native to life in Boston and the flora of greater New England. Marcus aims to pursue a career involving education, extension, and research in public horticulture, where he will utilize the knowledge, skills, friendships, and memories he gained at the Arnold Arboretum.
Rachel Lawlor:  Attending Norfolk County Agricultural High School, her love for nature further developed into a love for plant science and plant identification. Participating in the NCAHS internship program at the Arnold Arboretum confirmed her decision to continue in the green industry. From there, she worked at a local florist and garden center in her hometown, gaining diverse horticultural experience including floriculture and greenhouse work. Rachel attends the University of Massachusetts Amherst, where she pursues a Bachelor’s degree in sustainable horticulture and works in a nematology and plant pathology lab. She is also working on an independent research project involving the Arboretum’s renowned lilac collection, observing and monitoring pathogenic nematode populations and the viruses they host. Rachel has enjoyed every part of her internship immensely, and the program has solidified her choice to work hands-on in the horticulture field.
Elena Leander:  While she has cultivated a lifelong fascination for the outdoors, her love for plants grew through working in the University of California Botanical Gardens with like-minded staff to implement designs and enhance ecological knowledge. Majoring in forestry and minoring in sustainable environmental design at UC Berkeley, she has found inspiration in the overlap of these two horticultural fields. Elena is especially interested in promoting healthy food systems in urban settings, and has treasured many hours learning and teaching in UC’s community garden. Ultimately, she hopes to pursue a career that will allow her to engage the public and combat “plant blindness” through hands-on exploration and education. Her Hunnewell Internship has lent Elena a whole new set of tools to work with, and she treasures this summer’s opportunity.
Matthew McDermitt:  Matt was born and raised in Newark, Delaware, and earned his Bachelor’s degree in wildlife ecology and conservation at the University of Delaware. While planning to study land management, he developed a passion for plants after taking plant taxonomy and woody plant identification courses.  Upon graduation, Matt interned at the University of Delaware Botanic Gardens where he had the opportunity to take graduate level horticulture classes and experience a broad scope of botanic gardens management. He got his first taste of plant curation during this internship and became fascinated with plant records. Matt applied for the curation concentration in the Hunnewell Internship Program as an opportunity to learn about collections management and work with the most comprehensive plant records system in the world. He hopes to use this knowledge and experience to launch a curatorial career at a public garden.



Back Row (Left to Right):  Brian Pruka, Danny Schissler, Connor Ryan, Alessandro Ferzoco, Adam Banks, and Wyatt Dixon

Front Row (Left to Right):  Giovani Almeida Camargo, Jordan Morgan, Adam Beck, Brenna Scheiderer, and Natalie Buckly-Medrano


Giovani Almeida Camargo:  Giovani was an undergraduate student from the Universidade Estadual de Ponta Grossa (UEPG), and spent two semesters on an exchange program at the Western Kentucky University (WKU). An agronomy.  The internship at the Arnold Arboretum provided a unique experience, giving valuable knowledge related to the public horticulture area and general plant care.  After finishing his undergraduate course, Giovani plans to start a graduate degree focused on Agronomy in Brazil.
Adam Banks: Adam Banks is a Worcester, Massachusetts native working toward his degree in Sustainable Horticulture at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Adam is a fourth generation student at UMass’ Stockbridge School of Agriculture. While his family has worked in the field for years, it was a trip to the Exotic Garden of Monaco that solidified Adam’s interest in plants. He is fascinated with the design of public gardens and parks, and also thoroughly admires art and antiques Adam’s internship at the Arnold Arboretum was a start in what he hopes will become a long career in public horticulture. Adam is currently employed as a horticulture term at the
Arnold we hopes to continue his horticultural studies afterwards.
Adam Beck:  Adam began his formal career in horticulture in the spring of 2012 constructing and maintaining gardens for Foliaire Inc in downtown Boston.  He graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of Massachusetts Amherst with a B.S. in Sustainable Horticulture in May 2016.  He sees the Arnold Arboretum as a vanguard in preserving urban biodiversity, nurturing public education, and inspiring the curiosity and love of nature necessary to sustain life on this planet for future generations. Adam recently completed a horticultural term position at the Arnold Arboretum and has plans on continuing his studies at the graduate level in plant protection.
Natalie Buckly-Medrano:  She was inspired to earn her bachelors in environmental studies, with a concentration in urban planning and land use law from University of California, Santa Barbara, managing to study abroad again in Thailand to study the effects of urban development and climate change on marine and coastal ecosystems. After completing her Permaculture Design and Green Gardener Certifications, she worked as a fine gardener and farmhand at various farms in California, New Zealand, and locally at Allandale Farm. Natalie is thrilled to gain insight into the art of propagation as a Hunnewell intern. She is especially inspired by the Living Collections Campaign and its commitment to collecting and preserving species diversity with an eye on human-induced habitat loss and climate change.  After several years at the Arboretum in different capacities, Natalie will be moving to Santa Barbara County to act as the Farm Manager at Quail Springs Permaculture.
Wyatt Dixon: Growing up gardening and adventuring through the forests near his home in Ohio, it is no small wonder why he inevitably went to Miami University of Ohio to study Botany and Horticulture. Initially interested in conservation he worked with the Audubon Ash Tree Project injecting local Fraxinus trees against the Emerald Ash Borer. He began working in the propagation greenhouses at Miami in his third year, where he found his interest in plant propagation leading him to being a plant production Hunnewell intern at the Arnold Arboretum.
Alessandro Ferzoco:  Although he is currently studying History and the Classics at Harvard College, Alessandro has had a deep rooted interest in horticulture for years. His grandfather inculcated in him an interest in growing fruits and vegetables.  From 2010 to 2012, for three consecutive years, Alessandro was awarded first prize for his vegetable garden in Mayor Menino’s citywide garden contest. Alessandro served as a judge for a few years after being inducted into Boston’s Garden Contest Hall of Fame. Additionally, several years ago he built a kitchen garden at his high school, the Roxbury Latin School, that serves as a teaching tool and produces fresh herbs and vegetables for students. Alessandro has thoroughly enjoyed his time at the Arboretum and hopes to explore more courses related to genetics or biology this fall. He has thoroughly enjoyed the opp
ortunity to work with the staff and has developed an even greater appreciation for one of Boston’s greatest local treasures.
Jordan Morgan:  Jordan spent all his summers working in the construction industry and after graduating high school, decided to stay in the landscape construction field. His interest in plant sciences and arboricultural studies led him to the well-respected school, Niagara Parks School of Horticulture in Niagara Falls, ON. By attending the Arnold Arboretum, Jordan.  Upon graduating in 2017, Jordan hopes to expand upon his experience in the arboriculture field and further his education in plant health care.
Brian Pruka:  Earned a bachelor’s degree in Agronomy at Iowa State University, he returned to Rockford to work at the Natural Land Institute, a small conservation non-profit. In 1994, Brian earned a master’s degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, developing an expertise in oak savanna and oak woodland ecology.  In 2012 Brian decided to switch careers his career to public horticulture. Interning with Arnold Arboretum’s Curatorial staff has allowed him to see how a top-flight curatorial program operates. Brian’s dream is to establish a native plants arboretum and to preserve a minimally-developed small watershed in his favorite landscape, the Driftless Area of the Upper Midwest.
Connor Ryan:  Pursued an undergraduate degree in the plant sciences at Auburn University, majoring in Integrative Biology and Horticulture. During his summers away from school, Connor interned at Mississippi State University’s Crosby Arboretum and North Carolina State University’s Mountain Crop Improvement Lab. Following graduation from Auburn University in December 2015, he sought an internship at Arnold Arboretum to round off his undergraduate degree and learn more about plant exploration, temperate woody flora, and public garden management. Following the completion of this internship, Connor enrolled in a M.S. program at the University of Georgia in woody ornamental plant breeding, with aspirations of working in a research or curatorial role at a public garden.
Brenna Scheiderer: In high school she worked in a soils lab, as well as a local nursery. After working with plants outside of the farm it gave her an interest in the world of horticulture. She is currently a senior attending Ohio State University studying sustainable plant systems with a minor in soil science. Upon completion of her degree, she is considering further study at the master’s level, but may also pursue work in the fields of horticulture or soil science.
Danny Schissler:  Completed a BFA at Tufts University in architectural studies and archeology. After working as lead photographer on an archaeological dig in Italy, Danny pursued post-baccalaureate studies and later an MFA at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design, where he worked as a technical assistant and adjunct teacher. His thesis work focused on the presence of invasive plants and artificial light in disturbed, interstitial landscapes. After graduating, Danny worked as a horticulturalist at a small company in Downtown Boston while interning at the Arnold Arboretum’s Wolkovich Lab, leading him to a position as a 2016 Hunnewell horticultural intern. Danny continued with the Arboretum after completing his internship and currently is a research assistant in the Friedman Lab studying reproductive morphology and embryology in seed-bearing plants.  Danny also co-directs a group of citizen scientists, the Tree Spotters, and has trained over 200 volunteers to collect data from accessions throughout the Arboretum.



Hunnewell Interns 2015

Back Row (Left to Right):  Luke Patrick, Uziel Crescenzi, and Sarah Kresock

Front Row (Left to Right):  Kelly Burja, Carly Troncale, Scott Ferguson, Troy Eilertson, Katharine Dana Wilson, Sam Schaffer-Morrison, Andrew Gapinski (Head of Horticulture)

Kelly Burja:  Received her bachelor’s degree in environmental studies with a concentration in environmental education from Florida Gulf Coast University. After graduating, she served two consecutive terms of service as an AmeriCorps volunteer, working with the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection to help educate local communities on the growing water crisis and empower citizens to generate change. Following her association with AmeriCorps, Kelly moved to Massachusetts to formally pursue her lifelong interest in plants by enrolling in the horticulture program at North Shore Community College.
Uziel Crescenzi:  Uziel obtained his bachelor’s degree in plant science from SUNY–Cobleskill this spring. During Uziel’s studies, he participated in research investigating the resistance of Dutch elm disease across a variety of different elm (Ulmus spp.) cultivars, varieties, and hybrids. Through a combination of in-class horticulture and part-time work on a vegetable farm, his time at Cobleskill helped expand his horizons in the field of horticulture. Uziel completed the Hunnewell Internship Program at the Arnold Arboretum for continued professional growth as a horticulturalist to gain best practices.  Currently Uziel is a student in the MLA program at Bernard & Anne Spritzer School of Architecture (class of 2019).
Troy Eilertson:  He began studies in psychology at Emmanuel College before transferring to the University of Massachusetts–Amherst to pursue a degree in plant, soil, and insect sciences. There, his studies focused on sustainable greenhouse horticulture and plant biology.  Working as a Hunnewell Intern and afterward as a term in the Dana Greenhouses at the Arnold Arboretum has offered Troy a unique opportunity to gain valuable experience in non-commercial greenhouse production. Troy’s passion for tropical and sub-tropical woody fruiting plants inspires him to consider pursuing a degree in horticulture and agronomy at the University of California–Davis or tropical plant and soil sciences at the University of Hawaii–Manoa.
Hunnewell Internship Scott Ferguson:  Scott completed a Bachelor’s degree in Asian language and culture with a minor in international relations at the University of British Columbia. After spending an exchange year at Kyoto’s Ritsumeikan University, he returned home to Vancouver to be an English teacher. Feeling the need to get back outdoors, he decided to pursue a degree in landscaping from Toronto’s Humber College. Since graduating, Scott has worked as a gardener in Toronto’s private and municipal sectors while volunteering at nature centers and farmer’s markets. The Hunnewell Internship Program has provided an opportunity to learn superior horticulture and tree care.  Currently, Scott is continuing to develop his horticulture skills at Southlands Nursery in Vancouver, BC.
Sarah Kresock:  Following high school, Sara worked with a horticultural technician in her hometown of Randolph, Massachusetts and later studied sustainable landscape horticulture at the University of Vermont, serving as vice president of the UVM Horticulture Club. Her interest in sustainable landscape architecture and design influenced her move to Boston to pursue a Master’s degree in landscape architecture from Boston Architectural College.  The Hunnewell Internship provided her with the opportunity to work in a landscape designed by Olmsted providing valuable work experiences for her current position as a designer and horticulturalist with SiteCreative Landscape Architecture in Boston, MA.
Sam Schaffer-Morrison:  In high school, Sam spent summers working at Kearsarge Gore Farm—a small organic farm in the foothills of Mount Kearsarge—expanding on his love of plants and the outdoors. He attended George Washington University, graduating in May with a degree in biology and environmental studies. In his final two years at George Washington, Sam was awarded an undergraduate research fellowship to study the complex interactions between caterpillars, ants, and host plants. Sam completed the Hunnewell Internship Program at the Arnold Arboretum to boost his knowledge of woody plants and plant science.  After obtaining valuable work experience in research and environmental health & safety Sam is currently working as an EH&S specialist for Home Market Foods in Norwood, MA.
Luke Patrick:  Starting his collegiate career in engineering at Clemson University, he took time away from school to work in the turfgrass industry, including two years at the Preserve at Verdae golf course. Afterwards continued his studying in horticulture with a minor in soils and turfgrass at Clemson University.  The Hunnewell Internship Program helped extend his knowledge in arboriculture and public horticulture maintenance. After completing his final semester at Clemson, Luke hopes to work in public horticulture to gain additional experience before pursuing graduate studies. With an eye on the western US, Luke plans to pursue a master’s degree in either public horticulture or plant breeding/genetics.
Carly Troncale:  Carly studied landscape architecture at the Harvard Graduate School of Design (GSD). She received a BFA in painting and printmaking from Virginia Commonwealth University and an MFA in social practice from the California College of the Arts in San Francisco. Carly worked simultaneously as an artist and gardener’s assistant until she moved to Norway. After exhibiting an edible garden at a museum in southern Norway, she decided to focus mainly on vegetation. Her summer working and learning at the Arboretum’s Dana Greenhouses gave her hands-on experience. Carly continued with the Arboretum researching the living collections through an independent study with Former Senior Research Scientist Peter Del Tredici.  Carly is currently a landscape architect for Grindaker Landskapsarkitekter in Oslo Area, Norway.
Katharine Dana Wilson:  Kady hails from the forests of Vermont where her horticulturist/farmer father introduced her to all manner of botanical topics. It was only after beginning her studies at Smith College, however, that she realized how important plants and nature were to her, pursuing a major in biological sciences with a track in ecology, conservation, and biodiversity. Studying in Paris for a year ignited her interest in French studies, which she is pursuing at Smith as a second major. Kady accepted an internship at the Botanical Garden of Smith College, where she led renovations of the systematics beds. After completing her internship in horticulture at the Arnold Arboretum her quest for knowledge at Polly Hill Arboretum as their curatorial intern and became a curatorial scholar at Jerusalem Botanical Gardens.
International Month Vania Bowman:  Vania worked as a lead gardener for the newly- opened Children’s Garden and the Leo Mol Sculpture Garden at Assiniboine Park. She has since returned to school to expand her knowledge of the field, and is an active member of the Academic Council and the Student Board of Directors at Old’s College in Alberta. There she lends a hand at the Olds College Botanic Garden Greenhouses, maintaining several seasonal crops, research projects, and speciality plants. In the future, she would like to continue her work in public horticulture, and plans to help promote greater awareness and use of horticulture therapy in public and private spaces.  Vania is currently a Horticulture/Arboriculture Technician at City of White Rock.
International Month Christopher Copeland:  Chris attended the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, first studying communications, and later focusing on natural resources conservation and urban forestry. While at UMass, he acted as a supervisor for a work-study landscaping crew of twenty students, and was promoted to departmental assistant in his final semester. Four years at this position helped define his strengths as a manager, organizer, communicator, and colleague. In summer 2013, Chris worked as an intern with the Smith College Botanic Garden, further developing and refining his skills in arboriculture and horticulture.  After graduation Chris started working at the Arnold Arboretum as a horticulture intern and afterward as a term Gardener before continuing to pursue his career in arboriculture.  Currently, Chris is a GIS Arborist for F. Waugh Arboretum at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst.
Intern_planting Robert Dowell: Prior to his arrival at the Arnold Arboretum, Robert Dowell graduated from the Virginia Tech Department of Horticulture, then worked for a small landscaping firm and small private garden called Boxerwood in Lexington, Virginia.  Since then, Robert has served in several roles within the Horticulture and Greenhouse departments.  His current position as Living Collections Fellow allowing him to interact and cooperate closely with the Arboretum’s Curation staff to help determine what taxa to collect and how, where, and when to do so. This assignment encompasses broad and diverse activities, with collection interests reaching as far afield as mountain ranges in western China and as close as our own backyard in southern New England.
International Month Olivia Fragale:  She received her bachelor of science degree from the Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources at the University of Vermont. After graduating, Olivia joined the DST-NRF Centre of Excellence for Invasion Biology at Stellenbosch University in South Africa. Olivia completed a master’s program in landscape architecture at Boston Architectural College. Olivia’s aspirations as a landscape architect are allowing her to merge her interests across disciplines of science and the arts.  Olivia enjoyed the Hunnewell Internship Program as a wonderful opportunity to practice horticulture in an artistic landscape designed for experiential learning. Currently, Olivia is a Landscape Designer at Terraink, Incorporated.
International Month Cami Lowder:  At Utah State University, where she graduated with a degree in liberal arts, Cami worked as a lab technician studying aquatic insects, an experience that solidified her love of science and biology. After declaring a second bachelor’s in plant science, Cami worked at a student-run farm as an education outreach intern and later as CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) manager.  She hopes to pursue a career at a herbarium or performing curatorial work at a horticultural institution like the Arnold Arboretum.
International Month Bryce Patz:  Bryce attended Purdue University (graduated in May 2015) and received a bachelor’s degree in public horticulture with concentrations in plant biology and water and soil management. In January 2013, Bryce had the opportunity to become a student intern at the Purdue Arboretum. His intern group officially launched the Purdue Arboretum Explorer, an online database for all accessioned trees, shrubs, and vines on campus. This internship inspired his a passion for arboreta and the public horticulture field, and this remains his career focus. Bryce applied for the Hunnewell Internship Program aspiring to improve his skills and further his education in the field.  Currently, Bryce is pursuing a carrier as a Neighborhood Vitality personnel for the City of West Lafayette, Indiana
Jehane Samaha:  Her love of plants, rocks, and all the biogeochemistry in between led her to pursue a degree in environmental science at Brown University. With a strong background in field work, she has researched urban ecology in the Boston area, as well as plant community shifts due to climate change in the alpine tundra of Colorado. The Hunnewell Internship Program has provided her with an incredible hands-on learning experience identifying, studying, propagating, and cultivating plants. After completing her internship experience, Jehane begin work as a laboratory technician in the Wolkovich lab at the Arnold Arboretum assisting with research that feeds her interests in community ecology, environmental history, botany, and horticulture.
International Month Andrew Thomas:  As a youth, Andrew developed a love for plants and nature while working with his grandparents in their yard and garden. His father and grandfather would explore the forests and coast of South Carolina with him and explain how nature worked. These experiences fueled a passion for plants and all things plant-related. Andrew applied to the Hunnewell Internship Program to further his education, work experience, and to live outside of his comfort zone. Andrew pursued a bachelor’s degree in horticulture at Clemson University.
International Month Katherine (Cassie) Urban-Mead:  A 2014 graduate of Yale University in ecology and evolutionary biology, Kassie studied wild bee pollinators and the effect of changing land-use on their communities for her senior thesis. Other research projects include Hudson River climate change adaptation, and investigating the symbiotic bacteria that live in the gut of honey bees. Since living at the Yale Myers Forest last summer, she has been particularly interested in expanding her knowledge of woody plant care, and is incredibly grateful and excited for her experiences as a Hunnewell Intern, gaining hands-on skills at a publicly-focused institution.  Cassie is currently working towards her Ph.D. at Cornell University and would like to continue studying landscape scale beneficial insect dynamics and theory-driven conservation with Prof. Bryan Danforth.


Federico de Molfetta:    Born in Milan, Italy, Federico de Molfetta is a registered architect, receiving his master’s degree in design studies in landscape, urbanism, and ecology from the Harvard University Graduate School of Design. He has studied previously in Switzerland, where his thesis proposed the establishment of a botanical garden on an island in the Venetian lagoon. Federico has collaborated with landscape architecture firms PROAP (Portugal) and VOGT (Germany), particularly in ecological contexts.  Due to his specific interest in public gardens and their key role in contemporary urban life, he views his experience at the Arnold Arboretum as an opertunity to learn more about the complex relationship between plant life and human interaction.  Currently, Federico is a teaching assistant for Accademia di Architettura – USI
Yoojin Kim:  She studied horticulture and textile and clothing design at Kyung Hee University in Korea, earning both bachelor of science and bachelor of arts degrees. She has worked in various capacities for botanical gardens in Korea for more than three years. To gain more hands-on experience and gain specialized training in ornamental horticulture, Yoojin also studied and graduated from the School of Professional Horticulture at New York Botanical Garden. Part of her studies included a six-month internship in the garden and greenhouse focused on Korean native plants, desert plants, and rock garden plants. She applied for the Hunnewell Internship Program to build on her knowledge of woody plants, and to experience Olmsted’s great plan for the Boston park system firsthand. She hopes to continue to study landscape architecture through graduate studies in hopes of becoming a garden designer at a botanical garden, and promote horticultural exchange between Korea and Western countries.
Yinnon Hiller:  Yinnon worked at various landscaping jobs in San Francisco until securing a position with Presidio Trust at the Presidio National Park. Initially hired as an irrigation tech and landscaper, Yinnon jumped at the opportunity to join the forestry department. In this position, he has helped lead a new reforestation program in the park, primarily focusing on the establishment and care of young trees from nursery stock.  He was enthusiastic about participating in the Hunnewell Internship Program because of its focus on the care and management of public green spaces.  After the internship, Yinnon stayed with the Arboretum as a seasonal gardener before moving on to pursue other career opportunities.
James (Matthew) Jones:  The internship provided valuable hands-on experience in horticultural practices that I needed after spending much of my career in academia and research labs. I was also given opportunities in public education and outreach, including writing an article for Arnoldia and giving a Tree Mob talk on a tree species I studied in graduate school. The internship also taught me a lot about working coherently with and as a team.  Before the internship, I was having trouble getting my foot in the door  for starting a career in horticultural education, but by the end of the internship, I had three job offers! I am deeply grateful for all of the opportunities and experienced the Hunnewell Internship Program provided. Now Matt is an Agriculture Extension Agent North Carolina Cooperative Extension.
Joesph Leonard:  Joe enrolled in the plant, soil, and insect science program at the University of Massachusetts in 2012.  Joseph applied to the Hunnewell Horticultural Internship program to further his knowledge in arboricultural and horticultural practice. He plans to continue his education in pursuit of a master’s degree in sustainability management, and is interested in researching sustainable methods for homeowners to grow fruits and vegetables hydroponically.  Joseph’s aspires to develop an open source plant curatorial database program for private landowners.
Chelsea Parise:  Chelsea Parise is a graduate of The College of the Holy Cross with a bachelor’s degree in biology and environmental science. Her undergraduate research focused on the biological and historical factors influencing the growth of non-native plants in Worcester County, MA.  Currently a Curatorial Assistant in the Farlow Herbarium of Harvard University, working on the digitization efforts for both the Lichen and Bryophyte Project and MacroAlgal Project.  Chelsea’s current work draws heavily from my past digitizing experience in the Gray Herbarium with the New England Vascular Plant Project and California Digitization Project.
Tiffany Rae:  Tiffany attended Brigham Young University as a student of landscape management.  Tiffany applied to the Hunnewell Internship Program at the Arboretum to gain greater practical experience with trees and shrubs, as well as broaden her knowledge and use of integrated pest management. She is confident that her internship will better prepare her to contribute to the industry it in a meaningful way in her career and and hopes to pursue a career in landscape design or horticulture.
Eyob Solomon:  He received his bachelor of arts degree in finance from Hampshire College, but a brief stint at a financial firm convinced him to return to horticulture. He appreciates the opportunities presented by the Hunnewell Internship Program to increase his knowledge and experience in greenhouse management, including integrated pest management, transplanting, and propagation.  Eyob aspires to work with plants as a career to enrich society and the environment, perhaps at a plant observatory, public park, conservation organization, or plant research station.
Victoria Stewart:  A native of West Roxbury, MA, Victoria Stewart grew up as a frequent visitor to the Arnold Arboretum. She completed her degree at Connecticut College where she is majoring in botany, where she got to continue her studies in Copenhagen, where she will focus her attention on environmental science. Victoria’s lifelong interest in plants was ignited at the academic level after taking an ethnobotany class, which illuminated the many roles that plants play in various cultures. While in school at Connecticut College, she served as the president of Forest Justice, a club committed to promoting sustainable use of tree products and educating ourselves and the community about trees in general.
Megan Vhay:  She attended Norfolk County Agricultural High School, where her interest in nature and some inspirational teachers led her to select plant science as a major. In her junior year, she participated in the Arnold Arboretum’s summer intern partnership with the school, which in part inspired her application to the Hunnewell Internship Program. Megan went to the University of Maine in Orono, where she studied wildlife ecology with a minor in environmental horticulture.
John Aloian: John Aloian grew up in New Canaan, Connecticut.  He attended Harvard College, majoring in biology and minoring in religion.  While being an intern at the Arboretum, John enjoyed working outdoors, learning from his colleagues, and sharing with so many people who love plants. His favorite area of the Arboretum is the Conifer Collection, where ancient species make him feel as if he’s left Boston and traveled back in time to walk with the dinosaurs.
Max Baber:  As a student at the Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington, Max has studied many modes of field ecology, with ornithology representing his primary focus. Believing that the study of a dynamic natural community requires familiarity with all its component organisms, he currently is expanding his knowledge of the botanical and horticultural sciences. This pursuit has included working on farms in Connecticut, Arkansas, New Mexico, California, and Washington. As a Hunnewell intern, Max spent a large portion of his time working on Peters Hill, in the Malus (Crabapple) Collection and improving the general ecology of the surrounding landscape with Horticultural Apprentice—and former Hunnewell Intern—Miles Schwartz-Sax. He hopes to eventually pick and eat every kind of edible fruit in the world.
Nicole Belhumeur:  Nicole received her degree in Landscape Architecture at the University of Rhode Island, Nicole stays engaged with URI’s student chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects and competes with the women’s track and field team.  Nicole now holds her ISA Arborist Certification a long with the ISA Tree Risk Assessment Qualifications while working as a Corporate Recruiter for Bartlett Tree Experts.
Barrett Boos:  Since 2008, he has held several positions in horticulture, including watering container plants for a small nursery/garden center, working in the nursery yard of a landscaping business, and serving on a crew for a local landscaper.  He began his freshman year at Colorado State University as a construction management major but quickly realized that plants interested him most changing his major to environmental horticulture with a minor in business.  Barrett applied for the Hunnewell Internship in the Arboretum’s Dana Greenhouses to expand his understanding of how plants are propagated, nurtured, and prepared for planting in the landscape. The internship offered him the opportunity to hone the practical skills that will be essential to advancing his career in horticulture.  Currently, Barrett is a Purchasing and Yard Manager at LID Landscapes.
Jennifer Corlett:  She received her bachelor’s degree in conservation and resource studies from the University of California, Berkeley. While there, she also helped out in the student organic garden and studied abroad in Ghana, West Africa. After graduating, Jenny accepted a position at Rainforest Action Network as corporate communications manager for the Rainforest Agribusiness Campaign, an initiative focused on reducing demand for environmentally- and socially-irresponsible palm oil products grown in Malaysia and Indonesia. Later, Jenny became program manager at Carpe Diem West, a nonprofit organization that engages a broad network of experts, decision makers, and scientists to address how climate change is impacting the availability of water in the American West. In May, Jenny completed her first year of studies in the Master of Landscape Architecture program at the Harvard Graduate School of Design. She is interested in urban ecology, climate adaptation, sustainable cities, brownfield remediation, and post-industrial landscapes.  Jenny is now a Senior Landscape Designer at PWP Landscape Architecture in Berkeley, CA.
Kaslin Daniels:  She studied biology with a focus in botany at Reed College in Portland.   After the internship at the Arnold Arboretum Kaslin pursued other educational opportunities with internships at Mt. Cuba Center in Hockessin, Delaware, and Wave Hill Garden in the Bronx, New York.   Kaslin Daniels  served as the Head Gardener at Washington Square Park in New York City, where she worked to develop and maintain the landscape with a team of horticulturists, as well as initiate extensive volunteer and public programming. Also, she worked as a Section Gardener for the New York City Central Park Conservancy and as a nursery propagator for an urban forestry nonprofit in San Jose, California.  Kaslin is currently a Longwood Fellow at Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square, PA.
Emily Ellingson:  After graduating from St. Olaf College with a degree in biology and environmental studies, she moved to a small town in Washington State to perform backcountry botany surveys for the U.S. Forest Service. There she realized that she could build a career reflecting her love for plants, nature, and the outdoors. Following her seasonal work, Emily served as the Youth and Family Programmer and Children’s Garden Manager at Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens in Boothbay, Maine, an experience that introduced her to the wonderful world of public gardens, education, and horticulture. The Hunnewell Internship Program provides the perfect opportunity for Emily to build her horticultural knowledge while gaining valuable hands-on experience.  Now Emily is the Curator and Native Plants Collection Manager at The Arboretum, State Botanical Garden of Kentucky
Anna Lam:  In 2009, she graduated from Cornell University with a bachelor’s degree in natural resources, concentrating on applied ecology. Her interests in both the human aspects of conservation and urban ecology in general inspired her study of these topics for her master’s degree in environment, culture, and society in the School of GeoSciences at Scotland’s University of Edinburgh. Afterward, she entered the Master of Landscape Architecture program at The University of Hong Kong, and will continue her studies this fall at The University of Sheffield in England.  Her Hunnewell Internship offers a perfect opportunity for her to experience the world of public horticulture first-hand, preparing her for a career in designing and managing urban landscapes where all inhabiting organisms can flourish.
Sadie Lang:  Attend Northeastern University, and graduated in 2012 with a degree in environmental science, concentrating in wildlife studies. As an undergraduate she interned at Disney’s Animal Kingdom and at the butterfly garden at Boston’s Museum of Science—experiences that revealed her interest in plants and horticulture.  Sadie’s love for nature has taken her to become a instructor with Naturebridge Youth Organization in San Francisco, California.
Jack McGrath:  He sings Sacred Harp music and received his undergraduate degree in music from Carleton College, writing his undergraduate thesis on the American shape-note singing tradition. Also at Carleton, Jack served as a crew member at the Cowling Arboretum. After receiving his degree, he worked in book and paper conservation at Harvard’s Widener Library and studied art at the Harvard Department of Visual and Environmental Studies. In 2009, Jack moved to New York and worked as a research assistant in urban environmental health; in 2010 he was curatorial assistant for an exhibition on Roosevelt Island’s pneumatic garbage collection system, Fast Trash.  Jack completed a landscape architecture Master’s at the Harvard Graduate School of Design.  Currently Jack works for the Office of Geographic Information (MassGIS) as a GIS Analyst.
Ryan Plante:  Ryan Plante majored in environmental horticulture at the University of Rhode Island, focusing his studies on arboriculture, propagation, and pharmacognosy. He thinks his love for plants may have been initially inspired by his last name, and it was nurtured during his youth by helping out many summers in his grandfather’s vegetable garden and later working in the produce department of a Wakefield grocery store. A last-minute decision to take a plant biology course during his freshman year at URI precipitated his shift in majors from education to horticulture. Since then he has studied propagation, arboriculture, pathology, and fruit culture.
Nicole Forsyth: University of Massachusetts Amherst
  Jennifer Hauf: University of Wisconsin
  Richard Hendley: University of Georgia
  Kathleen Hensel: State University of New York Cobleskil
  Alana Hernandez:
  Kara Lam: Harvard Graduate School of Design, Masters in Landscape Architecture
  Tianxiao (Stan) Li: Oregon State University
  Bryan McKnight: Boston Architectural College
  Mason Molesso: Paul Smith’s College
  Jaime Morin: Clemson University
  Evan Novoa: University of Massachusetts Amherst
  Mark Raczynski: Temple University
  Patrick Ranval: Washington State University
  Vincent Ricciardi: International Sustainable Development Institute


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