Flow Through Flowed

by Pam Thompson, Manager of Adult Education
September 25, 2018

Flow Through Flowed

Rehearsing in Hunnewell Lecture Hall

Kadence Ensemble rehearses in Hunnewell Lecture Hall

On Saturday evening, September 22, the Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University hosted Kadence Ensemble, conducted by Maria Finkelmeier, playing her composition Flow Through in the fog on the Hunnewell Building lawn. A collection of musicians from Boston and beyond, Kadence Ensemble gathered in the Hunnewell Lecture Hall for a first group rehearsal on Saturday afternoon. Needless to say, the walls were reverberating as 30 brass players, vocalists, and percussionists warmed up and began. Unlike an orchestral piece, Flow Through was written to be played in the landscape with performers stationed some distance from one another. This requires each player to have a time piece, as time informs when to join in and holds the composition together.

Audiences gathered and enjoyed three performances of Flow Through as Fujiko Nakaya’s art installation emitted fog through the trees, down the hill, and among the musicians. Much of the audience settled on the lawn, while others enjoyed the performance closer to the sculpture, and kids, soaked from mist, ran in and out of the fog. More than 600 visitors in total attended the performances, offered at 4:30, 5:30, and 6:30pm.

Maria Finkelmeier closes out second performance.

Maria Finkelmeier closes out the second performance.

Planning and hosting an event of this kind requires advance planning with many unseen contributors. It also requires a committed team on “go” day. As coordinator of the event for the Arboretum, I would like to acknowledge Horticulture staff Jed Romanowitz and Scott Phillips; Institutional Advancement staff Wendy Krauss and Barbara Murphy; Visitor Engagement staff Carena Cremin and Ana Eder-Mulhane; Tree Spotter Coordinator Suzanne Mrozak; and Richie of our Arboretum Ambassadors. All helped ensure that the event, impeccably planned and orchestrated by Maria Finkelmeier, ran smoothly and that musicians were performance-ready upon arrival.

Maria and Pam

Happy ending for Maria Finkelmeier and Pam Thompson.

As with two previous performances (Ensemble Evolution: Sounds from the Treetops in November 2013 and Inuksuit in June 2016) for which I have partnered with Maria Finkelmeier, Flow Through delivered beyond our expectations. It was a thrill to provide this event to the public as one of several offered in conjunction with the Emerald Necklace Conservancy’s Fog x FLO exhibition. If you attended, we’d love to see your pictures and hope you can attend our other upcoming events in the fog. If you’d like to support future arts at the Arboretum, please donate to our Artist in Residence Fund.

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