Fog x Kids Family Fun

by Ana Maria Caballero McGuire, Children’s Education Fellow
September 12, 2018

children in the fog

Fog x Kids Family Fun

drops on leaves

Children compare the shape of water drops on different leaf surfaces.

How does a water drop behave on different surfaces? Why would it behave differently on the topside versus the underside of leaves? Why do leaves repel water? These and other questions were the subject of a recent Fog x Kids Family Drop-In activity, part of a slate of free events and performances organized in tandem with the Fog x FLO exhibition by Fujiko Nakaya. The water vapor installation at the Arboretum, Fog x Hill, invites public interaction with the fog and presents opportunities for exploration. For our September 9 activity, young children of many ages used pipettes and water to make it “rain” or “fog” on various surfaces around the Hunnewell Building lawn.

Children can learn a lot about the properties of water through simple play and close observation. This hands-on experience helps build context for future learning about surface tension, cohesion, adhesion and hydrophobic or hydrophilic surfaces.

water painting

Children explore the affect of water on different surfaces.

Children also experimented dropping water on marker-colored coffee filter paper to see the colors blend. Painting with water was another surprising activity for many – “how does the water know what colors to use?” asked one child as he puzzled over his artwork. The question was thrown right back to him and he posited that there must be paint on the “black lines” that changed with the water. Not bad for scientific reasoning!

Of course, the FOG made a strong appearance throughout the event, and children relished running through and under the tiny water droplets, getting quite soaked in the process. Experiencing tiny water droplets suspended in air on their faces, hair, and clothing helped children connect with the water drops on leaf surfaces. Too bad our skins and clothing aren’t more hydrophobic!

children in the fog

It is so much fun!

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