Ireland’s Generous Nature

by Larissa Glasser, Library Assistant
November 30, 2015

Ireland's generous nature

Ireland’s Generous Nature

Ireland’s Generous Nature

Ireland’s Generous Nature
by Peter Wyse Jackson

Ireland’s Generous Nature is the first ever comprehensive account of the historical and present-day uses of wild plant species in Ireland. It records a wealth of traditional knowledge about plant use that has largely been lost or is quickly disappearing. More than 1500 wild plants are detailed in a systematic list (including both their Irish and English vernacular names). Many historical references have been included from a wide range of Irish literature.

This lively and scholarly book shows how plants have been used in virtually every aspect of human life: food, clothes, medicine, construction, drinks, veterinary medicine, human health, beauty, and even death. The book is richly illustrated with with photographs by the author as well as botanical paintings by artist Lydia Shackleton (1828-1914). Scientific and historical facts are intertwined with myth, superstition, and tales that offer an unrivaled account of the rich heritage of Irish plants.

Ireland’s Generous Nature, a nominee for the 2015 CBHL Annual Literature Award, is included in our New Books List for November 30, 2015.

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