Search Tips

South Central China and Tibet: Hotspot of Diversity

Search Tips


Search HOLLIS Images by keyword. Adding additional keywords can narrow the number of results. The results can then be saved in an electronic file, sent by e-mail, or printed.

To capture the largest number of records associated with images from this project:
Search for China and use Anywhere and Limit to holdings of Arnold Arboretum/Horticulture Library (Jamaica Plain).

Examples of how you may refine your search:

  • You may also search using place names within western Sichuan
    and eastern Xizang (Tibet), such as Riyin, Xiangcheng Xian, Sichuan
    Sheng, Daocheng Xian or by Bowa Mountain, Yangtze River, Wuming Mountain.
  • You may restrict your search by using the name of the researcher/photographer
    David Boufford, Susan Kelley, Richard Ree or Joseph Rock.
  • You may search for plants using broad terms such as herbaceous,
    conifers, deciduous, shrubs, forests or specific plants may be searched
    for by genus such as Abies, Lilium, Rhododendron.

VIA’s help page provides additional information.

Finding Aid

Use the keywords manuscript, correspondence, images, and maps to find specific topics covered by the Joseph Rock collection (1884-1962). The Oasis help page provides additional information.

Herbarium specimens

To find items collected during the expeditions type Boufford, Kelley, Ree or Rock into the Collector field. To refine the search type China into the Location field. The Harvard University Herbaria Collection Index of Botanical Specimens (HUH-CMS) provides additional information.

Ornithological Specimens

For information about Joseph Rock’s collections use Rock as a keyword. The MCZ Department of Ornithology database search page includes additional information.