The Arnold Arboretum Captured in Time: 1982-1987. Photographs by Corliss Knapp Engle

Images of the Arnold Arboretum by Corliss Engle

The Arnold Arboretum Captured in Time: 1982-1987

Corliss Knapp Engle (1936-2009) was a longtime friend of the Arnold Arboretum and a dedicated volunteer. She helped organize the slide collection in the library, and served on the Arboretum’s Visiting Committee for Harvard University and the Director’s Advisory Committee. In the 1980s, Corliss helped organize an introductory slideshow for the Visitor Center, compiling images from the slide library and taking hundreds of photographs herself of plants, landscape views, staff, and visitors on the grounds. Her efforts were celebrated in a 2006 exhibition at the Arboretum.