Tree Mob™! Mixing It Up in the Rosaceae

by Pam Thompson, Manager of Adult Education
May 27, 2015

Jon Mahohey in field of Aronia

Tree Mob™! Mixing It Up in the Rosaceae

Jonathan Mahoney, a researcher at the University of Connecticut, is investigating intergeneric plants. At the Arnold Arboretum, he is specifically studying the intergenerics × Sorbaronia and × Sorbopyrus along with their parent genera Aronia, Sorbus, and Pyrus. Look closely at those intergeneric names and you’ll understand that these plants are not “faithful” to genus, as most plants are, but instead are able to interbreed with other genera in the same family. Jon will speak about biological pathways for reproduction and hybridization in general and specifically about the desirable commercial traits of Aronia and related pome fruits. Meet in the Bradley Rosaceous Collection along Willow Path at 3:00pm on Thursday, June 4 at Acc. # 759-78*C.

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