Monitoring Moths

by Jon Hetman, Director of External Relations & Communications
January 14, 2015

Monitoring Moths

Each December of late, moths appear in droves in southern New England, most obvious (and annoying) in entryways where they are drawn to artificial light. These winter moths (Operophtera brumata) are one of the few temperate zone moths that are active in the colder months. At the Arboretum, we closely monitor winter moth activity, as these invasive pests cause significant damage to woody plants in early spring when eggs hatch and the caterpillars begin to feed. Join horticultural technologists Rachel Brinkman and Sue Pfeiffer to learn how we monitor moth populations, what we find, and how we use this information to guide the care of the living collections. Meet in the Hunnewell Building Lecture Hall on Wednesday, January 14 at 3:45pm.

Parking: Park along the Arborway, near the Arborway Gate.

Public Transportation: Take the T to Forest Hills and follow signs to the Arboretum’s main gate and Hunnewell Visitor Center. Or take the #39 bus to South St & Sedgwick St stop. Turn onto Custer Street and walk to its end. Cross the Arborway to the Arborway Gate and Hunnewell Building.

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