Moso wizard, Yunnan China 1922

by Larissa Glasser, Library Assistant
December 15, 2016

Moso wizard, Yunnan China 1922

Moso wizard, Yunnan China 1922

Man in native dress performing religious dance

Moso wizard from Nguluko on slopes of Lichiang snow range; he is in attitude of dancing the sacred Moso dance with sword and gong. Nguluko, Yunnan, China. Photo by J.F. Rock, September 1922. [Information from label in photograph album.] 16 x 10.5 cm. Gelatin silver process.

[China (Yunnan)]

Alternate Title: Man in native dress performing religious dance
Photograph by Joseph Francis Charles Rock (1884-1962, American, Austrian)
Yunnan Sheng, China
September 1922

A larger version of this image is available in HOLLIS, the online catalog of Harvard Library.

Joseph Charles Francis Rock (1884–1962) was, among many things, an explorer. He traveled in Asia from 1920 until 1949 collecting plants for various institutions including the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the National Geographic Society and The Arnold Arboretum. Charles Sargent hired Rock to explore China and Tibet for the Arboretum with the assignment to collect and photograph rare specimen and search for hardier forms of certain species.

If you would like to read more about the work and travels of Rock, the Archive Collection of the Arnold Arboretum holds the Joseph Francis Charles Rock (1884-1962) papers, 1922-1962.

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