Nature’s Temples: Complex Old Growth Forests

January 24, 2017

Joan Maloof by trail sign

Nature’s Temples: Complex Old Growth Forests

Joan Maloof, Professor Emeritus at Salisbury University, Maryland and Founder and Director, Old-Growth Forest Network

1 Session: Wednesday, February 22, 7:00–8:30pm

An old-growth forest is one that has formed naturally over a long period of time with little or no disturbance from humankind. They are increasingly rare and largely misunderstood. Joan Maloof makes a heartfelt and passionate case for their importance, defining old-growth and providing a brief history of these fragile ecosystems that now exist only in scattered fragments. She will describe how the life forms in an undisturbed forest—including not only its trees but also its insects, plant life, fungi, and mammals—differ from the life forms in a forest manipulated by humans.
Fee Free member and student, $10 nonmember
Register online or call 617.384.5277.

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