Symposium Resources

Michael Dosmann in Shaanxi Province, China

Michael Dosmann collects a flowering branch of Hydrangea longipes in the Qinling Mountains of Shaanxi Province, China, as part of the fall 2010 NACPEC expedition. Photograph by Anthony Aiello.

Digital Resources

Symposium: The Arnold Arboretum in China

The following articles and webpages offer historical background, contemporary insights, and plans for the future of plant collecting in China by the Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University and its international partners.


  • Plant Collecting on Wudang Shan [pfd] by Peter Del Tredici, Paul Meyer, Hao Riming, Mao Cailiang, Kevin Conrad, and R. William Thomas. Arnoldia 55/1 (1995).
  • The Arnold Arboretum’s Living Collections: A Repository for Research [pdf] by Michael Dosmann. Arnoldia 65/2 (2007).
  • Plant Introduction, Distribution, and Survival: A Case Study of the 1980 Sino-American Botanical Expedition [pdf] by Michael Dosmann and Peter Del Tredici. 53/6 (2003).
  • An Excerpt from Wilson’s China: A Century On [pfd] by Mark Flanagan and Tony Kirkham. Arnoldia 67/3 (2010).
  • The Case for Plant Exploration [pfd] by Peter Del Tredici. Arnoldia 68/2 (2010).
  • The Return to China, Mother of Gardens [pfd] by Paul W. Meyer. Arnoldia 68/2 (2010).
  • Sharing and Enjoying the Joint Botanical Expeditions [pfd] by He Shanan. Arnoldia 68/2 (2010).
  • By the Numbers: Twenty Years of NACPEC Collections [pfd] by Anthony Aiello and Michael Dosmann. Arnoldia 68/2 (2010).
  • Planning Future NACPEC Plant Exploration: Challenges and Opportunities [pfd] by Kunso Kim, Kris Bachtell, and Kang Wang. Arnoldia 68/2 (2010).
  • Biodiversity Hotspot: China’s Hengduan Mountains [pfd] by David Boufford. Arnoldia 72/1 (2014).
  • Detecting One-Hundred-Year Environmental Changes in Western China Using Seven-Year Repeat Photography [pfd] by Huai Chen, Yin Kaipu, Haiyan Wang, Shenxian Zhong, Ning Wu, Fusun Shi, Dan Zhu, Qiuan Zhu, Weifeng Wang, Zhihai Ma, Xiuqin Fang, Weizhong Li, Pengxiang Zhao, and Changhui Peng. PLoS ONE 6/9: e25008. (2011).