Our future…

by Andrew Gapinski, Manager of Horticulture
June 27, 2014

Our future…

Since 2008, the Arboretum and the Norfolk County Agricultural High School have partnered to offer junior-level students a plant science and collections management internship experience at the Arboretum. Over the last five weeks, our ten “Aggie” interns learned and worked alongside our talented staff across the institution on topics ranging from pruning, planting, and IPM practices to microscopy, herbarium mounting, and archival management. Below are just a few snap-shots from their journey.


With the lilac blooms now faded, the students assist Rachel Brinkman, Arboretum Horticulturist, with removal of the spent flowers. This important task reduces the amount of energy the plant puts into producing seed, which increases reserves for next year’s bloom.


Arboretum Horticulturists Jen Kettell and Kit Ganshaw demonstrate ball-and-burlap transplanting techniques. Our Hunnewell interns (college-level program) participate alongside.


Matt Connelly, Arboretum Horticulturist, leads the interns in a cobble stone construction project at the entrance of Linden Path along Meadow Road.


Students learn about tree climbing equipment and techniques from John DelRosso, Arboretum Head Arborist. Each student was also offered the opportunity to experience operation of our aerial lift (pictured in the background).

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