Arboretum staff photo 2014

Staff, Fellows, Visiting Scholars & Associates

Contact information is available through the Harvard University Telephone and Address Directory and individual links below. This list is updated quarterly.

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Education and Public Programs

Institutional Advancement

Greenhouse and Nursery Plant Production

  • Katherine Brainard, Plant Production Aide
  • Chris Copeland, Greenhouse Horticultural Technologist
  • Tiffany Enzenbacher, Manager of Plant Production
  • Sean Halloran, Plant Propagator
  • Lee Toomey, Seasonal Gardener
  • Christine Ventura, Living Collections Fellow


Horticultural Interns

Information Technology



Research Interns

Associates, Visiting Scholars, and Visiting Fellows

  • John Herbert Alexander III, former Plant Propagator, Arnold Arboretum; Associate
  • David Boufford, Senior Research Scientist, Harvard University Herbaria; Associate
  • Anthony Brach, Curatorial Assistant, Harvard University Herbaria; Associate
  • Bob Cook, Former Director, Arnold Arboretum; Associate
  • Wendy Clement, Associate Professor, The College of New Jersey; Visiting Scholar
  • David Des Marais, Assistant Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, MIT; Associate
  • Ailene Ettinger, Research Associate, NOAA; Visiting Fellow and former Putnam Fellow
  • Lorna Gibson, Matoula S. Salapatas Professor of Materials Science and Engineering, MIT; Associate
  • Steve Gougherty, PhD Student, Boston University; Visiting Fellow
  • Margaret Grose, Senior Lecturer, University of Melbourne, Australia; Visiting Scholar
  • Caio Guilherme Pereira, Postdoctoral Associate, MIT; Visiting Fellow
  • Lucy Hutyra, Associate Professor, Boston University; Associate
  • Jianhua Li, Former Horticultural Taxonomist and Senior Research Scientist, Arnold Arboretum; Associate Professor of Biology and Dept. Chair, Hope College; Associate
  • Barry Logan, Professor of Biology and Biology Dept. Chair, Bowdoin College; Visiting Scholar
  • W. John Kress, Distinguished Scientist and Curator of Botany, Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History; Visiting Scholar
  • Julia Marrs, PhD Candidate, Boston University; Visiting Fellow
  • Natalia Pabón-Mora, Associate Professor, Universidad de Antioquia; Visiting Scholar
  • Richard Pagett, Former Interim Managing Director, Arnold Arboretum; Associate
  • Rebecca Povilus, Postdoctoral Fellow, MIT; Visiting Fellow
  • Anne Short, Associate Professor, Boston University; Harvard Forest Bullard Fellow
  • Dan Sullivan, retired molecular biologist; Associate
  • Pamela Templer, Professor, Boston University; Associate
  • Li Wang, Research Scientist, Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden, China; Visiting Scholar
  • Elizabeth Wolkovich, Associate Professor, University of British Columbia; Visiting Scholar
  • Jie Yun, PhD Student, MIT; Visiting Fellow
  • Kasia Zieminska, Putnam Fellow; Visiting Fellow