Guang-You Hao

Guangyou Hao

Guang-You Hao

Putnam Research Fellow

1300 Centre Street
Boston, MA 02131
Fax: 617.384.6596

Education and working experience

PhD (2003-2010) Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
PhD (2005-2010) University of Miami, USA
Post-doc Fellow (2010-2012) Sustainability Science Program, Harvard University

Research Interests

I am broadly interested in mechanisms underlying the environmental adaptation of plants with respect to efficiencies in resource utilization and stress tolerance. My research focuses on efficiency and safety of vascular transport and the functional coordination between plant water relations and carbon economy. One of my approaches to address these questions is to conduct ecophysiological comparative studies on species with contrasting growth forms. I am also interested in incorporating phylogenetic analyses to probe the evolution of plant functional traits.


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