Jaeyong Choi

Jaeyong Choi

Jaeyong Choi

Professor, Dept. of Environment & Forest Resources, Chungnam National University

Visiting Scholar of the Arnold Arboretum

1300 Centre Street
Boston, MA 02131
Fax: 617.384.6596


PhD in Planning Studies (1998) University College London (UCL), University of London, U.K.

BA in Landscape Architecture (1986) Seoul National University, Korea

Research Interests

My qualifications are primarily related the use of GIS/RS skills and models of biodiversity and climate change in generating proactive decision-making to conserve biodiversity and creating adaptive management plans. Areas of my expertise are substantially broader and include extensive field research on the impacts of human development activities on the ecosystem. Currently, I am interested in the field of ecological restoration using native seeds.,

I have been actively participated in international conventions including CBD and Antarctic Treaty, as a member of national delegates of Republic of Korea over 15 years. In results, I have developed and launched ‘Forest Ecosystem Restoration Initiative’ at CBD COP12 in Pyungchang, Korea. As well as I prepared and negotiated a management plan to designated Narebski Point, King George Island as the #71 Antarctic Specially Protected Area in 2009.


  • 2009.6.5:  Medal of Honour (Service Merit Medal)
  • 2003.6.5:  Presidential Citation
  • 2001.12.31:  Minister of Environment’s Citation

Current Grants

  • Korea Forest Services, GHG emission reduction and reclamation technology for road development activities in forest area (Principal Investigator, 2016-2019)
  • Korea Forest Services, Ecological Impact Analysis Methodology development for Forest Development Activities (Principal Investigator, 2013-2015, KFS)
  • Korea Ministry of Environment, Categorization and Restoration Assessment Indicators of the Damaged Area in DMZ vicinities (Principal Investigator, 2013-2016)