Juan M Losada

Juan Losada

Juan M Losada

Research Associate, Brown University

Fellow of the Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University

1300 Centre Street
Boston, MA 02131
Phone: 617.384.5631
Fax: 617.384.6596


PhD Reproductive Biology, Zaragoza University (Spain)
BS Food Science and Technology, Vigo University (Spain)
BS Biology, Vigo University (Spain)

Research Interests

I am broadly interested in how developmental pathways shape reproductive diversity in plants. In particular, I study the numerous strategies that vascular plants have evolved to achieve a successful production of descendants, from sporogenesis, gametogenesis through mating, and seed set (Friedman Lab at the Arnold Arboretum). Currently, I am involved in projects that explore the mechanisms of long distance transport in woody plants (Holbrook Lab at Harvard), and the underlying causes of functional integration in conifer seed cones (Leslie Lab at Brown).

Recent Publications

  • Carvalho MR, Losada JM, Niklas KJ. 2018. Phloem networks in leaves. Current Opinion in Plant Biology, 43: 29-35. [abstract]
  • Losada JM, Hormaza JI, Lora J. 2017. Pistil receptivity in pawpaw (Asimina triloba L.), the northernmost species of the mainly tropical family Annonaceae. American Journal of Botany (http://doi.org/10.3732/ajb.1700319).
  • Savage J, Beecher S, Clerx L, Gersony J, Knoblauch J, Losada JM, Jensen K, Knoblauch M, Holbrook NM. 2017. Maintenance of carbohydrate transport in tall trees. Nature Plants 3: 965–972.
  • Losada JM, Bachelier JB, Friedman WE. 2017. Prolonged embryology of Austrobaileya scandens (Austrobaileyaceae): its ecological and evolutionary implications. New Phytologist 215:851-864.
  • Losada JM, Herrero M. 2017. Pollen tube access to the ovule is mediated by glycoprotein secretion in the obturator of apple (Malus x domestica, Borkh). Annals of Botany 119:989-1000.