Julien Bachelier

Julien B. Bachelier

Postdoctoral Fellow, Friedman Lab

1300 Centre Street
Boston, MA 02131
Fax: 617.384.6531


PhD University of Zurich, Switzerland
Diploma National Museum of Natural History of Paris, France
MS University of Nice-Sophia-Antipolis, France

Research Interests

I am interested in the evolution of seed plants, particularly in the origin of flowering plants and the evolutionary development of flower and carpel.

I started with practical studies in plant architecture and used Monte Carlo Markov Chain processes to model branching patterns. Initially I studied the correlation between branching pattern plasticity and genetic diversity in the genus Cupressus, and later participated in a major project investigating the correlation between plant development and photosynthetic performances in different species of tropical trees in French Guyana.

Shortly thereafter, I began a PhD supervised by Peter Endress and comparatively studied the evolution of the flower and gynoecium (the female part of the flower) in two very closely related families of Sapindales, Anacardiaceae (mango family), and Burseraceae (frankincense family). Before I finished my PhD, advances in the molecular systematics of Sapindales showed that Kirkia (Kirkiaceae) does not belong to the Simaroubaceae and is sister to the Anacardiaceae and Burseraceae clade, whereas Nitraria, Peganum, and Tetradiclis, which were sometimes scattered in unrelated groups, actually form a robust clade now referred to as Nitrariaceae. Consequently, I compared the floral structure and development of Kirkia in the last chapter of my doctoral thesis and conducted an initial comparative study of flowers of Nitrariaceae prior to starting my postdoc.

While I am still keeping an eye on the systematics of Sapindales, I wanted to get back toward the “roots” of flowering plants and started a postdoctoral study with Ned Friedman on the embryology and reproductive biology of extant ancient lineages of flowering plants, such as water lilies and their close relatives.


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