Marjorie Lundgren

Marjorie Lundgren

Marjorie Lundgren

Post-doctoral associate, MIT

Visiting Fellow of the Arnold Arboretum

Ralph M. Parsons Laboratory
Civil and Environmental Engineering
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
15 Vassar Street
Cambridge, MA 02139


PhD (2015) University of Sheffield
MA (2009) Wesleyan University
BA (2002) Connecticut College

Research Interests

I am a plant eco-physiologist with expertise in applying phylogeographic approaches to assess plant phenotypic traits in an evolutionary context. I am particularly interested in the physiological and anatomical transitions that occur during the evolution of complex traits in plants. These complex evolutionary paths are characterized by intermediate states, which play important roles in either expediting or inhibiting progression. With intermediate phenotypes in mind, I am interested in deconstructing complex traits to assess the benefits of implementing components of complex syndromes into crop improvement strategies.

Selected Publications

  • Lundgren MR and Christin PA. 2017. Despite phylogenetic effects, C3-C4 lineages bridge the ecological gap to C4 photosynthesis. Journal of Experimental Botany 68: 241-254.
  • Bellasio C and Lundgren MR. 2016. Anatomical constraints to C4 evolution: light harvesting capacity in the bundle sheath. New Phytologist 212: 485-496.
  • Lundgren MR, Christin PA, Gonzalez Escobar E, Ripley BS, Besnard G, Long CM, Hattersley PW, Ellis RP, Leegood RC, and CP Osborne. 2016. Evolutionary implications of C3-C4 intermediates in the grass Alloteropsis semialata. Plant, Cell & Environment 39: 1974-1885.
  • Lundgren MR, Besnard G, Ripley BS, Lehmann CER, Chatelet DS, Ralf G. Kynast, Namaganda M, Vorontsova MS, Hall RC, Elia J, Osborne CP, and P-A Christin. 2015. Photosynthetic innovation broadens the niche within a single species. Ecology Letters 18: 1021-1029.
  • Lundgren, MR, Osborne CP, and P-A Christin. 2014. Deconstructing Kranz anatomy to understand C4 evolution. Journal of Experimental Botany 65: 3357-3369.