Sheryl White

Peters Hill, Winter, oil, by Sheryl White

Sheryl White

Coordinator of Visitor Engagement and Exhibitions

125 Arborway
Boston, MA 02130
Phone: 617.384.5251
Fax: 617.524.1418


BFA Painting major, Art History minor, College of Architecture and Design, University of Michigan
Teaching certificate, School of Education, University of Michigan

For more than a decade, I have helped thousands of visitors navigate the landscape of the Arboretum, explore our amazing collections, and even negotiate the roads of Boston to find us. Working with our wonderful docents, interpreters, plant information volunteers, and staff, I also coordinate public and private Arboretum tours, interpreter sessions, and the plant hotline, all of which serve casual visitors and groups ranging from garden clubs, retirement homes, and graduate students in biology, to the occasional members of royalty.

Throughout the year,  I am involved in the Arnold Arboretum’s art exhibitions, and recently outdoor performances, such as October 2018’s Macbeth. From evaluation of prospective artists through to the completed shows, I coordinate the art calendar. I also research plants for the creation of our self-guided tours and for our website plant highlights, and work on Arboretum events.

I have pursued graduate courses in museum studies at Harvard University Extension School. Before coming to the Arboretum, I had a garden design business, a graphic design business, and worked in publishing as an art director. I am a professional artist, published writer, and an avid gardener. I have taught art and poetry, as well as gardening and garden design.

I am on the board of Roslindale Green & Clean, an award winning, local non-profit organization dedicated to improving public green spaces and educating the community about horticulture.