Stephanie Stuber

Stephanie Stuber

Stephanie Stuber

Former Curatorial Fellow


BS Environmental and Forest Biology (Plant Science concentration), State University of New York—College of Environmental Science and Forestry
MPS Public Garden Leadership, Cornell University

I have been fostering my passion for public garden curation for the past few years at Mt. Cuba Center, Quaker Hill Native Plant Garden, Cornell Plantations, and Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens. Recently, I graduated from the Cornell Plantations Graduate Program in Public Garden Leadership where my research culminated in a published book on how to integrate and curate living collections of mosses in a garden environment. The book, The Secret Lives of Mosses: A Comprehensive Guide for Gardens, is currently available in digital formats through various online retailers.

At the Arboretum I will be working with the curatorial staff on field inventories, voucher collecting, nomenclature verifications, curatorial reviews, updating plant database records, and other tasks. Many independent projects will soon be in the works, with a strong possibility that they will involve mosses, Larix, and Amelanchier.


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