Arboretum Explorer Changelog


  • Update: Clear tour icons when a search is performed.


  • Update: Allow search on multiple garden locations in Advanced Search
  • Update: Dead plant exclusion fields.
  • Fix: Flickr errors.


  • Fix: To search for cultivar names


  • Update: Added search near me and search current map view options
  • Update: Auto close download map pop up window once downloaded
  • Update: Add in links to tour pdfs if available
  • Fix: Zoom to user location stays in current zoom level or zooms in closer, versus zooming out


  • Update: Mouse over effect in the Destinations control that highlights the shape on the map


  • Fix: Explore Arboretum control


  • Update: Add removed plants to map, accessible by uploading a list of accession numbers that are dead/to be removed plants.
  • Update: Add topo, street view basemap layers as options
  • Update: Featured tours look and feel enhanced for easier navigation
  • Update: Horticulture Zone field added to export file.
  • Fix: Flickr error on iPhones

  • Fix: Map resize
  • Fix: PHP log errors


Plant selection tools

Select plants on the map by point, rectangle, circle or polygon.

  • Fix: Mobile quick search, show no results message.
  • Fix: Remove commas from export file within an entry.
  • Fix: Cached template files updated with date and time.
  • Fix: Allow either a dash or star before qualifier in searches.
  • Fix: Reordering columns on touchscreens.
  • Update: URL search string parameters (e.g.,
  • Update: Add acreage and square footage measurements when the polygon, circle or square tool is used.


  • Fix: Display names in My Visit.
  • Fix: On touchscreen, always selected plants even when not visible.
  • Fix: Aerial Photography in Download this map.
  • Fix: Downloading map and plant lists on older iPhones.
Arboretum Explorer globe icon

Click the globe icon from My Visit to add your plants to the map and to the bottom results data grid table.


  • Fix: No way to add My Visit plants to current selection set. Click on the globe icon to add the plants in “My Visit” to the current map selection layer and back into the bottom data results grid.


  • Stable release of new Aboretum Explorer, a responsive javascript based application developed with ESRI ArcGIS Javascript API
  • Change: the core code from jQuery Mobile to AngularJS and Bootstrap


  • Design/UI changes


  • Design/UI changes


  • Stable release, Mobile Interactive Map.