2016 Hunnewell Intern New Hampshire Expedition


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2016 Hunnewell Intern New Hampshire Expedition

This weekend expedition with the 2016 Hunnewell Intern crew not only yielded collections, but was a wonderful training experience. Interns tested their plant identification skills in the field, gained valuable understanding of the importance of detailed documentation, and of course learned how to properly gather herbarium vouchers and plant material destined for the Arboretum’s living collections.

The expedition to the White Mountain National Forest of New Hampshire occurred from the 10th and 12th of June, 2016. The desiderata, or targets, were five species native to the northeastern forests: Aralia nudicaulis, Fraxinus nigra, Populus grandidentata, Populus tremuloides, and Vaccinium angustifolium. The team camped in the southern edge of the White Mountain National Forest near Lincoln, NH, and during their excursions ventured through plant habitats that ranged from the upland forests near the foot of Mt. Osceola to find P. tremuloides, to the wetlands near Bethlehem to find F. nigra.

The trip yielded 13 seedling accessions: 3 Aralia nudicaulis, 4 Populus grandidentata, 4 Populus tremuloides, 1 Fraxinus nigra, and 1 Vaccinium angustifolium. Team members included 2016 Hunnewell Interns Adam Banks, Adam Beck, Natalie Buckley-Medrano Giovani Camargo, Wyatt Dixon, Jordan Morgan, and Connor Ryan; Living Collections Fellows Robert Dowell and Jenna Zukswert; and Manager of Horticulture Andrew Gapinski.