Producing the Next Generation of Plants

April 18, 2017


Producing the Next Generation of Plants

For the accessioned plants at the Arnold Arboretum, life starts at the Dana Greenhouses. From testing how to coax seeds of novel species to germinate, to re-propagating lineages of plants important to history and research, propagation keeps our Living Collections in continuous renewal. Steered by expert staff, the Dana Greenhouses now mark 55 years of advancing our work in horticulture and collections development. This spring, the Greenhouses are nurturing some exciting new acquisitions. Seeds collected for the Campaign for the Living Collections have started to germinate, offering a glimpse of the Arboretum’s future. Collected from the Republic of Georgia, China, the Southern United States, New Hampshire, and more, these seedlings are starting a journey that may take five to ten years–transitioning from our glasshouses to our nurseries and finally into our landscape.

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