Quercus major Korea, 1917

by Larissa Glasser, Library Assistant
October 12, 2017

Quercus major Korea, 1917

Quercus major Korea, 1917

Quercus major Korea, 1917

Quercus major Nakai. Girth of trunk 9 ft. Mr. Mizushima standing. Forests, Koryo, prov. Keiki. [Information from label on verso of photo mount.] Original library accession 3560. Photograph N-181. 20.5 x 15.5 cm. Emulsion on glass.

Quercus Baronii China

[Title from recto of mount.] Alternate Title: Tree trunk with man
Photograph by Ernest Henry Wilson (1876-1930), American, English
July 9, 1917

A larger version of this image is available in Harvard University’s Hollis+ catalog.

Ernest Henry Wilson (1876-1930) was the furthest traveled of all the Arnold Arboretum’s plant explorers and collectors of the early twentieth century. It is not an overstatement to credit Wilson with bringing Eastern Asian botany, history, and culture to widespread interest in western society, nor to exaggerate the introduction of thousands of Asian plant species to western gardens.

Wilson took this photograph during his Expedition to the Far East (Japan, Korea, Manchuria, Formosa, and Islands in the Japanese Sea) which ran from 1917 to 1919.

Oak (Quercus spp.) is our Tree of the Month at Arnold Arboretum for the month of October, 2017.

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