Ashton Award Recipients

Ashton Award Recipients

The Ashton Award for Student Research supports investigations by graduate and advanced undergraduate students working on Asian tropical forest biology. The award is made possible by the generosity of Professor Peter Ashton and his wife Mary Ashton through the Peter and Mary Ashton Training Fund.


Agusti Randi Agusti Randi is a Master’s Student at Bagor Agricultural University, Indonesia. His research focuses on the taxonomy, ecology and conservation of wild palms (Genus Pinanga). The Ashton Award will support his research in Indonesian Borneo.
S-Schmiege Stephanie Schmiege is a PhD Student at Columbia University. Stephanie focuses on the mechanisms driving the response of conifers to stressful environmental conditions, particularly drought caused by climate change. The Ashton Award will support her research in Vietnam.


korean rhododendron Meghna Krishnadas is a PhD candidate from Yale University. Her research focuses on the mechanisms driving tree diversity loss in disturbed tropical forests. The Ashton Award will support her research in the Western Ghats, India.


Nalaka Geekiyanage Nalaka Geekiyanage is a PhD candidate at Kyoto University in Japan. The Ashton Award will support his research at the Nonggang National Nature Reserve in southwestern China where he will focus on the drought response of tropical trees at different topological levels.


janice5sq Janice Chan is a PhD candidate in the Moorcroft Lab at Harvard University. She is studying the relationship between plant functional traits and plant biodiversity on the composition of diverse forests. Her research will be conducted at the Center for Tropical Forest Science (CTFS) site of Bukit Timah in Singapore.


HaN Ha Thanh Nguyen is a PhD student in the Hutyra Lab at Boston University. She is studying the impact of logging in peat swamp forests in Borneo and how this has affected the ecology of Shorea Albida. Ha’s research spatially overlaps with Professor Ashton’s previous work in Borneo.